In the first lecture about the university as the community …

Comment on Video show LSU undermining church doctrine by Esteban Hidalgo.

In the first lecture about the university as the community of ideas, Warren Trenchard and Fritz Guy encourage thinking about ideas and question the source of our knowledge. I agree that the university is for depth of thought and I support it one hundred percent, but departure from the Bible as the inspired source of God’s authoritative Word does not foster richer knowledge. The Bible is our epistemological supremacy, the lenses from which we see our world, our only rule of faith and conduct, from which we evaluate every experience, belief or knowledge, including biology or any other science of the cosmos.

The superiority of the Bible to our scientific inquiry is the proper relationship in faith and science. Yet, in Trenchard’s ending statements he compels his audience to consider that: “As a La Sierra student you will look for new ways to understand the relationship between God’s boundless revelations in the universe and the experienced human testimony of God’s voice in Scripture.” Must the students really search for new ways to understand this relationship between the Bible and Science? Shouldn’t their established belief in God’s Word above science be their guiding advantage to understand the riches of biology and the sciences? Isn’t faith in God’s Word or “the fear of the LORD the beginning of wisdom”? Wouldn’t it have been better to say “As a La Sierra student you will CONFIRM your understanding of the relationship between the Bible and Scripture by studying the boundless revelations in the universe from the perspective of God as Creator”? Why not acknowledge our presupposition of faith in God’s Word and expand our ability to research and learn of the great mysteries of the world from a biblical perspective?

“God desires man to exercise his reasoning powers; and the study of the Bible will strengthen and elevate the mind as no other study can. Yet we are to beware of deifying reason which is subject to the weakness and infirmity of humanity. If we would not have the Scriptures clouded to our understanding, so the the plainest truth shall not be comprehended, we must have the simplicity and faith of a little child, ready to learn and beseeching the aid of the Holy Spirit. A sense of the power and wisdom of God, and of our inability to comprehend his greatness, should inspire us with humility, and we should open His Word, as we would enter His presence, with holy awe. When we come to the Bible, reason must acknowledge an authority superior to itself, and heart and intellect must bow to the great I AM.”

– Ellen White comments in Steps to Christ, chapter 12:

I couldn’t have said it better myself.

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Video show LSU undermining church doctrine
Recently I came across this sobering thought from Roger Morneau’s book “A Trip into the Supernatural” (1993). I understand that his unique experience as one who was involved with devil worshipers prior to his conversion gives him credence on what he mentions. He relates his experience of how he heard the priest of a devil worshiper’s society in Montreal say the following which I will reproduce here:

“…’The spirits decided when the two children [Charles Darwin and Henry Huxley] became adults they would be instruments to advance the religion that we know as the theory of evolution. By tying it in with the scientific revolution breaking across the world, most people wouldn’t even recognize that it is a religion – a religion that crossed all denominational boundaries and even caught up the non-religious.’

“To my shock and amazement the priest then explained that ‘The spirits consider anyone who teaches the theory of evolution to be a minister of that great religious system, and the individual will receive a special unction from Satan himself. Satan gives him great power to induce spiritual blindness, to convince and to convert. In fact, he holds such people in such high regards that he assigns a special retinue of angels to accompany him or her all of his or her life. It is the greatest honor that Satan can bestow upon a person in the presence of the galaxy.’

“The priest explained that Satan and his counselors had concluded that they could use the theory of evolution to destroy the very foundation of the Bible. ‘They could turn it against the creation week, the fall, and the plan of redemption. The stakes were so high here that the spirits tell us that Satan himself tutored Charles Darwin in setting up the principles of his scientific concept.'” (Roger Morneau, A Trip into the Supernatural, 46-47).