@Evadeane Peters: Well said. If LSU wants to stray away …

Comment on Perspectives from alleged LSU students by Jay.

@Evadeane Peters:
Well said. If LSU wants to stray away from what the majority of Adventists want them to teach. Then they should become a self supporting school and allow those with simular beliefs to support them. If they feel they are doing this in the best interest of thier students then they should have no problem gaining the funding they need. As I’m sure that if this is GOD’S will for the school to support thier own doctrine, the nHe will easily provide the funding needed to allow them to continue to teach them.

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John 14:6 tells us that, “Jesus is the way the truth and the life: no man comes unto the father, but by Him.” To seperate yourself from the truth is to seperate yourself from Jesus–is the way to salvation. Our Savior always leads us to truth-which leads us closer to Him. Where does this hybrid philosophy lead you? Do you feel yourself getting closer to a Creator GOD who is inimate? Or rather does this lead you from a personal GOD who is in control? I guess those who should read this will not, but this may be a good question to ask yourself. I would also like to say, I personally found GOD trying to overdose on drugs, but isn’t there a better way to find Him? Just because GOD uses anything to bring people to Him does not mean that He is enthused about the method used.