Church leadership pays lip service to creationism due to conservative …

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Church leadership pays lip service to creationism due to conservative elements within the world church.

Oh man I hope that is not true. I would like to see where he is getting his information from. Im wondering why the church leaders are confiding in Michael on their views of creationism and evolution?

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Perspectives from alleged LSU students

Perspectives from alleged LSU students
Im not forgetting. My statement was a reminder to all of us, myself included that we need to look at our motivations for the things that we say and do. We can be right in the things we say, but completely wrong in the motivation for doing them.

Perspectives from alleged LSU students
Eugene, I will pray that we will all be judged by the same grace that we show others. Matthew 18:21-35

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LSU forms faith in evolution
Sean, point heard and taken. 🙂 We are talking about a specific “biblical perspective”. I didn’t think your post was ambiguous at all on what that “biblical perspective” was, since it is this post that we are talking about and not just generalities.

Anyways I don’t want to beat a dead horse (ewwww)! 🙂 Thank you Sean for this site and keeping us up to date on what is going on! And thank you everyone for the conversation, I really do appreciate the different points of view, hopefully we all come away “sharpened”, I know I did! 🙂

LSU forms faith in evolution
My point is (rewritten to point people to the Bible):

So, while “faith” may indeed be formed at LSU, what kind of faith is it? Certainly it’s not a faith in some of the most basic and most cherished of all Biblical ideals. Rather, it is a faith in the truth and validity of Darwinian thinking. Is that what a Biblical Church really wants for its own church schools and paid representatives? – paid with the tithe monies and steep tuition fees from parents and constituents who think they are obtaining the best that “Biblical” education has to offer? I would hope not.

I would rather emphasis be on the Bible and biblical teachings which unites us SDA Christians with other Christians all over the world. The belief of a literal creation week is not unique to SDA Christians. Maybe this fight at LSU should only be an SDA issue, it should be taken care of “internally”? But it seems to me that this is just a symptom of something much much larger than the SDA church, since many denominations are fighting this fight. It takes a unification of all brothers and sisters, not just SDA brother and sisters to fight.

Im not trying to disparage our church or it’s place in the kingdom of Christ. Im just saying that we should point back to the Bible. There is too much history in every single denomination, SDA included, that had teachings that deviated from Biblical truth. Psychologically people think about this when we credit a church instead of the Bible on a teaching.

I speak with people of all walks of faith and I was pointing out what many of them will think when reading this article. Maybe Im wrong on this line of thought, maybe Im wasting my time and your time. Obviously I didn’t think I was when I first posted. 🙂

LSU forms faith in evolution
How much emphasis should be on SDA beliefs instead of Biblical teachings? You can definitely show that the two are one and the same, but it also does not alienate most of the Bible believing community, and brings other Christians into the fight for truth and the teaching of such.