I have been reading and not intending to get caught …

Comment on Panda’s Thumb: ‘SDAs are split over evolution’ by Bob Dunn.

I have been reading and not intending to get caught up in the back and forth rants. I have my own questions. Is is true that most of the well known so called scientists are atheists? Have any of you seen Ben Stein’s movie: Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed…? A most revealing documentary put out by a Jewish man who is at least honest in the debate and does point out significant issues with the current debate. Is it not true that evolution turns believers into atheists? Something tells me that there is something much deeper going on in this science debate and it is will soon be able to sponsor the billboard at Christmas…it is a myth, a season to have reason.

There are so many things that are pure speculation and imagination, even according to Richard Dawkins… ( see Stein’s movie) It is time that the curtain be drawn back and the real truth about what is influencing science today come to the fore front. Atheists who refuse to be open to the possiblilty of a Master Designer. That idea is not allowed and once we establish that we can proceed with our intelligent imagination.[edit]

It is time we acknowledge what is really behind science today, the people are becoming more aware and will cease to tolerate the “wall” built up that keeps open dialogue even possible. It is time that science opens itself up to real scrutiny and is allowed to be questioned for what it really is…atheism in disguise of so called facts and reason. The movie was a real eye opener for me and i have yet to meet anyone who can successfully refute it. If science is really interested in the facts then it will allow for the very reasonable possibility that my eyes can see and in color and my brain can interpret what it sees and that did not just happen no matter how many years you want to enlist as sheer ignorance and irrational thinking. I strongly recommend the film and then let’s open honest debate.

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Perspectives from alleged LSU students
I can appreciate the student’s views shown. Many have never been taught world views and what lies behind them and so they tend to be close to and defend their beloved professors. When their authority is a Phd degree…that becomes very scary and that shows how little they really understand reality and how out of touch some become. Hopefully the honest seekers will learn in time how many are educated in world views that have little regard for revelation as authority and high regard for reason. Many of the arguments used are the very ones that can be used against them. This university is having a very strong influence on the students’ views and as one listens to these students speak or write, it is obvious they have been indoctrinated by worldly views that show little regard for the authority of revelation and little faith and understanding of the christian grid of objective truth which should form the foundation of their belief system: Creation, The Fall and Redemption. The progressive modern movement has infiltrated out higher education… many have been indoctrinated by a system of thought that is counter Christian and is heading towards some of our best minds who will follow in the footsteps of those who have lost their way. Their typical response to those who have a different view and strong concern for their direction and emphasis is to label and call names like fringe. I try to listen and remain balanced, but there is a point when one has to take a stand and speak out. The future can be bleak if God is not allowed to influence minds and hearts. Predictable is the future…based on past experience: Loss of belief in the veracity and authority of the Bible, then God, and then into full blown anti God attacks and on His followers and true believers. This university had many faithful and dedicated teachers. When we start to divide into the so called educated intellectual elites who tend towards unbelief and skepticism versus those who hold onto the time tested truths it breaks out into warfare.Not a new thing in the history of the truth being tested. Babylon is confusion about God and as the good Book says the day of judgment is nearing. We will each have to give an account. No one will avoid that moment in history. We can try to rewrite what God has revealed so that we can know something about who we are and from whence we came and our reason for being here…but in the end the Kingdom does come and He shall reign forever. Fight that truth at your own peril, PHd or not!