Shane, Thank you for clearing that up! -Scott Brizendine …

Comment on LSU student petition surfaces by Scott Brizendine.

Thank you for clearing that up!

-Scott Brizendine

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LSU student petition surfaces
“The student-led petition was signed by LSU students at a packed Cossentine Hall following a lecture by Sean Pitman titled “Creation or Evolution: What Does the Science tell Us?””

I’m confused about this packed crowd.

In an article by spectrum a reference is made to an article by Erv Taylor.
“In his article, Fundamentalist Creationist Gets Lukewarm Reception at La Sierra University, Taylor suggested that of the 50-70 students in attendance, all but 10 or so left in disgust over what they assumed would be a balanced analysis of creation and evolution but instead came across as a diatribe against evolution and La Sierra faculty members.”

The Adventist Today article says.
“A presentation on Friday, February 20, 2009 at LSU by Sean Pitman, M.D. sought to advance a fundamentalist understanding of the Genesis creation narratives. In his presentation, which was attended at the beginning by what was estimated to be between 50 and 70 students dwindling down to less than 10 at the end, he particularly singled out for criticism the teaching of evolutionary biology in LSU science classes, and selectively quoted from a class syllabus.”

Could you please comment on this and help clear up the statement about a packed Cossentine Hall, because the last time I was at LSU the hall looked like it could hold more than 70 people.

Thank you for helping clear up my confusion on this issue!

-Scott Brizendine

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An apology to PUC
“We apologize for allowing Dr. Ness’s lecture to be posted on without apparent warning.”

I would like to draw notice to the fact that EducateTruth has not apologized for the posting of the video. They have only apologized for posting it without first contacting PUC.

-Scott Brizendine

The Metamorphosis of La Sierra University: an eye-witness account

Shane, I don’t disagree with your position. I was only reacting to David Read’s use of the phrase “conspiracy theory,” and I was trying to do so respectfully.I think that power struggles occur in every institution. Alliances inevitably form–for power or ideology, for self-preservation, for simple friendship, for myriad reasons good or bad. I think the more applicable term here would be an “alliance” rather than a “conspiracy.” We all recognize that the word “conspiracy” conveys a negative tone. Would we want to say that the GC “conspires” to maintain a core set of fundamental beliefs? I don’t think so.

Actually, I don’t think that policies enacted by alliances are necessarily difficult to break. And, as the survey underway may very well show, a change at LSU may already be underway. If, per chance, their data support this (I know my optimism is unpopular here), I hope that some will begin to offer praise rather than continuing criticism, and actually credit SDA and LSU leadership for effectiveness.  

A conspiracy is pushed in secret, and nobody knows there is an orchestrated effort for change, or what the end goal will be. Thus the scenario put forth in this account is describing a classic conspiracy. Whereas the reformers and promoters of true tend to avoid conspiring in darkness, and rather publish the views, beliefs, agendas, and goals publicaly. The GC cannot be accused of conspiring to maintain it’s publicly promoted and published beliefs for the very reason that they are the current, publicly available and published, stated agenda of that organization. The only the the GC could “conspire” to do, would be to change it’s published views to something they have not made public. If the beliefs are out in the open, and the goals are officially stated, then it can not be considered a conspiracy.

Therefore the word conspiracy is correct for this “account”. Also it would be correct for these efforts to have a negative connotation attached to them, since they were done in secret, and with political maneuvering, which I see as a nice way of saying “flattery” which the bible tells of is of the Devil. Furthermore, the bible also puts “those things which are done in secret” in a negative connotation. Secrecy is a synonym for darkness, only evil deeds are done in secret or in darkness.

PUC responds
@Johnny Vance:

Hey Johnny,

No offense taken. I don’t think SDA is a country club. I know it is an active and continuously growing walk with God.

I would like to mention that the point I was making dealt with the manner in which these discussions have been conducted. I agree that we need to discuss issues in the church and schools otherwise whats the point in being a community. I just don’t agree with the methods that have been used here.

What I believe George had a problem about was the methods and attitude in which these arguments have been presented.

One last item deals with your statement “if your professors and pastors are not making you grow in your faith and reliance on the Word of God as something to be trusted, then they are committing one of the biggest betrayals that could ever be.” I hope you meant that they are guiding more than making.

Thanks for bringing more clarity to what I said.
-Scott Brizendine


You use a degrading manner in trying to make your point more valid. Instead of simply asking for me to use actual quotes to defend my point you say:

A+ on accusation – F- on providing any quote or example to support such harsh critical statements.Surely our PUC friends can either not issue harsh statements or at the very least “quote something” that is supposed to support those harsh Christ,Bob  

I hope this quote helps bring some clarity to my point. Also if you want more than one one incident to make something credible, I would ask that the one video of Dr. Ness be used as a final stance.

-Scott Brizendine

PUC responds
I would ask that the one video of Dr. Ness not be used as a final stance.*

Left the not out. Kind of important haha.

PUC responds


Please do not think the individuals at this site represent the essence of the SDA individuals. In all religions there are people who claim to be acting in a way that reflects their religion. But this is not always true.

Take for example the incidents of Catholic Priests that molested young children. Even these individuals who were the appointed representatives of the Catholic Church acted outside of the upholding of their religions belief’s and moral conduct.

I’m certainly not saying that this forum and these brief exchange of comments is on the same level of that, but what I am trying to say is that a few individuals do not represent the whole being of a religion.

I’m here at PUC and if you would like to talk some time please look me up.
-Scott Brizendine