Is that Ray Shelden’s signature, the last one on the …

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Is that Ray Shelden’s signature, the last one on the list. Isn’t he a chemistry or former chemistry professor at LSU?

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LSU student petition surfaces
I personally know some of the students who signed this petition. They are quality people, dedicated to our church and our message of salvation to this fallen world. I am proud of these great young people who have chosen to stand up and be counted.

LSU student petition surfaces
@Harold Bear:

I totally believe that over time our church will understand our biblical beliefs to a deeper level. I don’t think that any rationally thinking person believes that a “fuller understanding” or “better language” means that we will change from understanding that God created the earth in 6 literal 24 hour days to it evolved over millions of years, or that marriage is between one man and one woman to between two men or two women. Neither do I believe that it means abandoning certain beliefs altogether, like the Heavenly Sanctuary. If you have an issue with the EGW quote, you will need to take that up with her! Nevertheless, I believe we are so deep into the shaking that she spoke of that there is no turning back. The great theme of the Great Controversy is obedience to God, or rebellion against God – which side are we going to be on? Are we going to be on God’s side or satan’s side? Which path will we choose, the wide one with many people, or the more lonely narrow path?

Big numbers at LSU, and big degrees after professor’s names don’t prove anything is truth, only in sticking to the Bible will we be safe.

LSU student petition surfaces
Mary, this generation of young people have been taught that there is no such thing as definite right or definite wrong. The Daniel’s are very few and far between now.

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LA SIERRA: Four resign after recording emerges

Professor Kent’s Student:
Shane Hilde was quoted in the Press-Enterprise article: “Shane Hilde, who founded a website in 2009 that has been critical of Bradley and the university administration on creationism, said he was not celebrating. Our goal is never to get people fired,” he said. “Our goal is to change the way things are taught. This is not a good situation and I really feel for the people who lost their jobs.”

Does anyone think Shane might be bearing false witness? For those of us who watched him post the recordings and make comments on them last week we certainly know better. And Shane is not the only one here who is celebrating. Others are downright giddy.

Do you read other people’s thoughts? Can you read other people’s motives? No. So then you owe Shane an apology. You need to take his comment at face value. Why is it that those liberal/progressives who claim to be the most open minded are in fact some of the most closed minded people in the world?

Private: [Updated] Walter Veith visits La Sierra
Dorothy, you are quite mistaken if you think Walter Veith did anything constructive at LSU. He was there for a few hours to lecture to a student run group. Do you think Lee Greer or Fritz Guy’s minds were changed? Do you think the Chair of the Biology Department had a special meeting after Walter left to revamp the whole departmental curriculum? NOT! We are naive if we think that this situation is going to self correct. It has taken over 30+ years to develop (Gary Bradley has been there a really long time). The only way to fix this problem is to fix the people who are causing the problems. Are you ready to fix most of the faculty in the Departments of Biology and Religion, as well as replacing key administrators like Wisby? This problem is not isolated to the Department of Biology and trashing our FB’s is not limited to our beliefs on origins. This is a much more widespread and deeply entrenched problem than most think. The church would be better off to cut all of LSU off and put its resources elsewhere. A bandaid won’t fix this problem. Loma Linda has just as many issues as LSU does. I surmise that all of our SDA colleges and universities have problems. The biggest problem we have though is spineless administrators who are afraid to make decisive moves and solve problems. It is just too easy to let the status quo flow and not rock the boat.

This problem started with people and it will only be fixed with people. Posturing, publishing things online and in ANN does nothing until professors leave LSU and are replaced with loyal church members. That’s a huge bill to fill. This problem is heavily entrenched at LSU and shows no signs of going away. God can and does work miracles, but most of the church needs to wake up and smell the Postum! That’s not going to happen either. Call me pessimistic? I say I’m just being realistic.

La Sierra students criticize core classes
David, I don’t personally know what the curriculum of those core classes is, but I will guess that it is all about control and there is an agenda behind them.

In a university with many majors and departments like LSU has, department chairs and their respective professors have a fair amount of autonomy in what is taught to students in their discipline.

When Geraty and his crowd set up a system of classes that are required for all majors, it allowed a small group of liberal professors to control curriculum and infect students in all majors with their anti SDA ideas.

Someone please send in the course objectives and syllabi to these courses and let’s see if I’m right. If I’m wrong, I will say so. If I’m right, it will be just one more proof of the evil that is going on at LSU.

THE SOLUTION TO THIS PROBLEM IS WITH PEOPLE. People need to be PUBLICALLY replaced so that everyone knows what is happening. Behind the scenes SDA politics as usual is not going to fix this problem. Is there an SDA administrator who is going to be a Daniel and stand up for what is right, and do what is right, in spite of whatever fallout is causes? Administrators, your time is NOW? Will you be faithful or will you buckle to political correctness? This is your probation. You were put in power to lead, protect, and defend. The whole church is watching you. All of heaven is watching you. It’s time for action.

La Sierra students criticize core classes
Bob, Wisby may have inherited the current problems, but that does not absolve him of his part in this fiasco. He is just as culpable for letting this go on under his watch, and for allowing students to be punished for speaking out the truth. The same goes for Ricardo Graham. He is just as much at fault for failing to decisively act and solve this problem. He did what Adventist administrators frequently do, gloss it over and hope it goes away. We can’t ruffle any feathers you know. It might hurt someone’s feelings, or they give big money to the church. EVIL! Adventist politics are EVIL! it is time to do something decisive and solve LSU’s problem. The time for talk is over, it’s time for action.

La Sierra students criticize core classes
Ron, Geraty may have been a leader in this rebellion, but he was not alone then, and his friends are still there, and their evil has come to fruition now. There is only ONE solution if the church is going to keep LSU, that is CLEAN HOUSE. I have said before, and I say it again, the problems at LSU are not with just the biology department, there are problems with the religion department too. Our fundamental belief on creation and origins is not the only FB under attack at LSU. There seems to be a number of professors who believe in gay marriage like Geraty, and continue to push that issue. Then there are the FB’s on 1844, the Heavenly Sanctuary, etc, which I’m sure have few followers at LSU. IT IS TIME TO CLEAN HOUSE AND START OVER AT LSU, or close it altogether.