I find it ironic that the fellow Darnell put on …

Comment on LSU statement regarding resignations and Bradley’s email by J.

I find it ironic that the fellow Darnell put on his cell phone to record the meeting, and then forgot to take it off: he wanted to catch the truth, and he ended up catching himself. Good job, man! He then drove to the house where all four men proceeded to talk “privately”, non-Christian talk, profanity, and negative attitudes and talk against the church. Why were they drinking alcohol? Doesn’t the Bible, never mind the church, say that alcohol loosens the tongue, and loose lips sink ships. It is better to say less rather than more. They did it to themselves. What shakespearean irony. God’s light touch is in evidence here. We have all sinned and come short of the glory, but the consequences of sin remain. You are given a trust and when you missue that trust and speak against your employer, you can get fired. They did it to themselves: they weren’t fired; they resigned because of the tape. Would have loved to hear the tape. Teach evolution if you must, but balance it by teaching the Word of God too!, and let the young minds decide.

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The Reptile King
My cousin-in-law is Dr. Pitman. He’s a smart cookie–although I see a lot of you guys are too. Can’t follow some of these posts without my brain smoking. Your vocabulary and discussions are good, although sometimes personal and passionate, and maybe a little caustic at times. Not really sure how you’re ever going to resolve this, but knowing God as I do, maybe He doesn’t want you to. He wants you to keep debating so you will keep searching the Scriptures for the right answer, the right action and the right response. A person like me, (a programmer) can add a lot of words to his vocabulary just by reading the posts of all the arguments. I live in Canada so what goes on in LSU doesn’t really affect me at all:I am a Christian (first), then Seventh-day Adventist (second). That’s how I think of myself. I read the Bible every day and I ask the Holy Spirit for help and so am trying to better myself; I have never been in an LSU class so I don’t know what was being taught. Honestly. But I am wondering something. I do believe that the world was made in 1 week–6 24 hr cycles. But I am wondering how you can know that the world was made 6000- 10000 yrs ago:when did that magical week occur. I mean doesn’t 2 yrs “old” or 6000 yrs “old” imply aging. Doesn’t that mean sin. Are you dating the world from when Adam and Eve were created or when they actually ate the apple and introduced “sin” and “oldness”–the 2nd law of thermodynamics–into the universe. I am 46 years “old” because I have 46 years worth of free radicals or whatever inside my cells. Maybe Adam and Eve were “4.6 billion yrs old” when they bit into the apple–from the number of revolutions of the earth around the sun, even though they hadn’t “aged” a day in 4.6 billion. Even though the seasons came and went, the earth must have gone around the sun before sin came in, wouldn’t a sinless world meant there was no “aging” or “oldness” because there was no 2nd law of thermodynamics. Maybe after they sinned, God just let that kind of “shine through”. I dunno. The Bible has a list of generations but do we know for sure that some people just didn’t get missed. If the world is 6000 years old, why does the science carbon dating say the world is older: is the test based on a false assumption or did God “do something” to hide the facts so that believers would have to come to him on faith FIRST rather than evidiencary science SECOND. How can we reconcile 6000 yrs with 4.6 billion yrs; they’re at such loggerheads when it comes to the number. The fact that this debate rages on suggests to me there are dudes employed in this school who are teaching evolution. Let ’em–as long as they give fair play to creation too. Maybe some are, some are not. And some ridicule is going on. Sure. They’re ridiculing God and God will deal with them point blank when He’s good and ready. We say that teaching kids evolution damages their faith. Probably, but if your faith is so weak that you can’t be challenged by what someone else says, then maybe you had little to no faith at all. Doesn’t God know who is going to be saved and who is not already ahead of time anyways so it is no surprise to Him. If you’re a young person, my advice is to take it all in and then go to the Holy Spirit(the teacher) in prayer, and say, “Lord, I don’t understand, show me the right way” and then get up and do what your conscience tells them to do. Won’t the Holy Spirit guide us into all truth, religious and science too when He’s good and ready. Doesn’t God throw us into a sinful world to choose Him out of it and make us stronger. I think if everyone teaches creation science at LSU, then the students won’t know how to deal with evolution when they walk out of the door as a smiling jobless gradulate. If you’re a teacher teaching impressionable young ‘uns about evolution and misleading them, don’t you know what the Bible says about a millstone to be fastened around your neck or something like that. Doesn’t that bother you if you’re just a trifle of a believer? Where is the President of the SDA church? If he can’t do anything–because of legal laws of hiring and firing and free speech–then what makes everyone else think that they can make everyone march to one accord. Where sin abounds, doesn’t grace that much more abound: if we know that LSU is corrupted, doesn’t that mean other Adventist institutions are corrupt as well. Probably are. And yet God is working among the muck to fasten a people for Himself. LSU is doing what every Adventist and Christian church is doing: fighting about something or other and people calling each other names when they don’t agree. Someone here mentioned some historical-grammatical method and historical-context method (have to check after I write this) and I liked that because I didn’t know about it before. That was something new. God bless.

Deal with LSU
The last post says about two men Richard Hammill and Raymond Cottrell and that we should think it through when men “of this stature” have raised questions about our traditions. Sorry I don’t know these two men but they sound like they are important.

But it’s not about them. What does Jesus say? In Matthew 19: 4 And he answered and said unto them, Have ye not read, that he which made them at the beginning made them male and female. Maybe that doesn’t fly in the academic classroom, but LSU is supposed to stand for more than academics. It’s supposed to promote, teach, uplift what the Master said, what the great I AM has said in his word. What else did Jesus say? Mark 9:42
And whosoever shall offend one of these little ones that believe in me, it is better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and he were cast into the sea.

Translation: don’t teach impresionable young people wrong stuff.

It’s what Jesus thinks that counts. Not what men think. Faith is taking what God wrote–without thinking. Because He–the great I AM–said so.

And one more thing: do secular universities allow professors who believe in creationism/intelligent design to teach that in the classroom? Nope, they bounce them right out of there. So why is LSU so tolerant, so willing to be “pals” with evolutionists and teaching ToE?

What about other universities like Liberty University? Or Oral Roberts University? What is their policy about allowing professors to teach ToE?Anybody know?

ToE has problems (yet they teach it as fact) On the Toronto Star website, a while back, there was an article where the guy was saying that they found a hominid that led them to believe that monkeys has descended (with modification) from man!