Ron Stone said “Well, Prof, I have listened to them, …

Comment on LSU statement regarding resignations and Bradley’s email by Professor Kent’s Student.

Ron Stone said “Well, Prof, I have listened to them, and I disagree completely from your Pollyanna analysis.”

I don’t think anyone takes your opinions very seriously. I downloaded the recordings when Shane posted them last week and after listening to them I concur completely with Dr. Kent’s assessment. The conversation was nowher near as disrespectful as your typical comments. Some blog comments from Mary Hilde in 2008 are circulating and they were just as if not more so vulgar and disrespectful.

Recent Comments by Professor Kent\’s Student

LA SIERRA: Four resign after recording emerges
Shane Hilde was quoted in the Press-Enterprise article: “Shane Hilde, who founded a website in 2009 that has been critical of Bradley and the university administration on creationism, said he was not celebrating. Our goal is never to get people fired,” he said. “Our goal is to change the way things are taught. This is not a good situation and I really feel for the people who lost their jobs.”

Does anyone think Shane might be bearing false witness? For those of us who watched him post the recordings and make comments on them last week we certainly know better. And Shane is not the only one here who is celebrating. Others are downright giddy.

[6/17/11 UPDATE] Two administrators, one biology professor, and one board member resign
Good quote Krystaldo. Very good.

Private: [Updated] Walter Veith visits La Sierra
This thread by the way is hilarious. My professor definately got the better of Bob “3SG 90-91” Ryan.

And don’t anyone forget: “TE’s exist”!

Private: [Updated] Walter Veith visits La Sierra
Bob, were the ancestors of modern parrots herbivores or carnivores? Think carefully before you answer this which is something Professor Kent would often say on his exams.

There are 372 species among 86 genera in the parrot order Psittaciformes. Of course many occur on just one continent. Did every single species come out of the ark and fly to where we see them today leaving all their descendents extinct without a trace of their travel from Mt. Ararat? Or did a few end up on other continents and then evolve into new species or even (oh gasp) new genera? If the latter which species were herbivores and which had carnivore tendencies?

As you are a leading church authority on biology I expect to see a coherent answer in short order. Inquiring minds want to know.