Finally something that sounds good. Let us hope and …

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Finally something that sounds good. Let us hope and pray that all our schools draw ever closer to lifting up Jesus and His holy word the Bible.

One of the really good things that has come out of all this turmoil is that in our area parents are being more intentional about binding our children to our beliefs while they are young. WE no longer let it slide thinking the work will be finished when we send them to other schools, other places.

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NCSE Report: Adventist Education in the Midst of a Sea of Science
To my knowledge no one has done a survey here but perhaps the value- genesis would give us an indication. It at least shows what our k-12 kids are thinking. Does anyone have that available?


Southern Adventist University opens Origins Exhibit
thanks bob, i found that bird track article worth saving to a word document. Old saying proved again, “A man convinced against his will is of the same opinion still.” This won’t help those who don’t want to consider creation viable. Each time one of their accusations is explained they just go looking for another. But the article will help those who are honestly considering all the options. Thanks again


Supreme Court Decision on Church Employment Case
Friends, So much of what I am reading is semantics. We agree that Jesus paid the price for our sins. We agree that God made good laws and in not keeping them unhappiness results. I know precious few people who really want unhappiness. We agree that without Christ we cannot be good, that our best efforts are as filthy rags. It is Christ in us that wills and does good. How we slice the differnt parts, what words we use is not so important as how we live it in our lives. Let us be patient and tolerent of each other. This is not a matter like those who deny Jesus’ power, His work of creation and recreation.

Supreme Court Decision on Church Employment Case
@Ron: @Holly Pham: I am not opposing private thoughts but public teaching. I myself at one time watched some of what was taught in a seminar that was supposed to be supporting a Biblical view. It did not. I have myself read what some have stated in a published interview. It too was antithical to my understanding of what God has said

Supreme Court Decision on Church Employment Case
Over the years I have stopped asking what is the minimum required to get into heaven. I find more joy and happiness in seeking to do everything I can to please God and promote His kingdom. I find pleasure in giving pleasure. And I find that His commandments are an awesome guide to great living, great health, great peace, great friendships. Do I do this without fail? No. But I do not call my seperation from God’s will, OK, acceptable, and certainly not praiseworthy.

I also have found that the God who went to Calvery rather than have robots with no individuality, at times deals differently with various ones based on that individuality. Sometimes it seems God is asking things of me that is not on the docket for others. That is ok. Should I worry about what is expected of others? should I refrain from learning any more than what others can handle? should I limit my degree of obedience and happiness to what the majority understands and is willing to reach for? Maybe it isnt even right for them. What I need to know is what is best for ME. I at times find myself asking, “Creator of the Universe, create in me a clean heart and renew a right spirit within me. God what do You want me to do? God, how can I help You? Come be with me and make this happen.” I still get sidetracked at times but I find Jesus who long ago began a good work in me, continues on in the process. PTL