It seems pretty clear who’s telling the truth from those …

Comment on LSU’s PR Campaign: ‘Evolution is Not Promoted at LSU’ by Rory Roybal.

It seems pretty clear who’s telling the truth from those quotes, since such promotion of evolution would be disallowed if LSU truly opposed it. Regarding creation and evolution, it’s also clear who’s telling the truth, see also Miracles of God, Evolution or False Prophets?

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Ted Wilson: “We will not flinch. We will not be deterred.”
Good job Ted Wilson! Don’t flinch a bit.

Long ages of creation are a relatively recent phenomenon to justify evolutionary philosophy. I used to believe day-age and/or gap models were credible, until I realized they had a number of linguistic and logical problems, and that my view was not based on the Bible’s language or historical views, but simply to accommodate long age concepts. These models were constructed in the nineteenth century in an attempt to harmonize evolutionary dogma with the Biblical text. Long ages were touted as ‘proven’ by science, and therefore it seemed necessary to force the Bible’s language to conform to this supposed scientific fact even if this created linguistic, logical and historical inconsistencies.

I am unable to find any credible reference to a theologian prior to the 19th century who specifically suggested that the Genesis day was longer than 24 hours, or that the creation week was longer than seven days. It wasn’t until Darwinism took hold that this phenomenon occurred.

Christians are commanded to guard that which we have been entrusted with, and turn aside from oppositions (Gr. antithesis) of science “falsely so called” (I Tim. 6:20). Long age interpretations of Genesis 1–11 are not exegetically defensible and such hermeneutics in Genesis 1–11 cannot be consistently applied to the rest of Scripture without seriously damaging or destroying the Bible’s teaching. The literal creation week interpretation is the overwhelmingly dominant view in the history of Christendom.

Moreover, an increasingly large percentage of today’s leading scientists believe in the God of Abraham, Issac and Jacob, and this is now an established one way trend. To understand this recent turn of events, see Intelligent Design vs. Evolution — The Miracle of Intelligent Design.

When we see the Lord, I’m afraid many are going to wonder they doubted His clear eyewitness testimony based on wild and unfounded speculations of men who weren’t there.