I am intrigued by the question, “why do you go …

Comment on Jan Paulsen: 2004 vs 2009 by Junior Scoggins.

I am intrigued by the question, “why do you go there?” Why do the students keep going there? What would happen if one day half the student body got into their cars and drove to some other university of their choosing and enrolled there?

If I don’t like the local hardware store and the ownership is unable to right things so I will like it, I just go to another hardware store.

Not the solution we would like to see but a solution never the less. This is a NAD school?? Where is the NAD in all of this?

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Defining Adventism: A poll
Vicki Gillham said it just right. If we don’t have some sort of statement of faith, spelled out clearly, for all to refer to, then how can we stay together? Thanks Vicki.

Defining Adventism: A poll
The questions are not worded correctly. But I believe there are some of our beliefs that we might disagree a bit on. There are some that the Bible isn’t purely black and white on. Sabbath is very clear. State of the dead, very clear. Health, very clear. Salvation ONLY in Christ, xtreamly clear. Creation, very, xtreamly clear. etc. But some, although clear to me and fully accepted by me, others have a different view and I can not prove them wrong. Some having to do with God, and the Holy Spirit for example. If we could understand and explain God then I am afraid He would not be the God I believe in.

I bet this will upset some people