The dis-belief of a literal creation week dismantles the entire …

Comment on Dr. Geraty clarifies his “Challenge” to literal 6-day creationism by TC Tan.

The dis-belief of a literal creation week dismantles the entire Christianity and diminishes God’s claims of Creatorship. It strikes at the very root of the Gospel. This is a very serious departure from Biblical truth that have its origins not from the true Source of Light.

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LSU’s Board targets three of its members
For those privileged to walk in the light, the descend into darkness is usually a very rapid one. One wrong step leads into another and pretty soon they are so lost they don’t know how to get back. Pride – the original SIN is still the key problem for repentance and reconcialation

LSU responds to Michigan Conference
When Man begin to replace the Word of god with their own experiences, gut feel, knowledge and expertise – he is like a boat in a vast ocean and without a sail and a rudder.

SDAs who would go through the very last days to meet the Lord in peace can only do so by 100% trusting in God’s Word even to the extent of ignoring what their senses and mind tells them. If only Eve had done that, if only Adam, King Saul,and …….

Students and alumni sing LSU’s praises
As an SDA residing in Singapore, I have met other SDAs who made me aware of this LSU issue. I’ve been following the developments and want to express my solidarity with those who stand simply on God’s Word. While we all appreciate how modern education has been able to enrich our lives, we realized that all true education is an unveiling of God’s truth in nature – not the other way around. God bless His Church 🙂

Defining Adventism: A poll
(note- I voted No when i meant yes. Please amend my vote accordingly. Apologies.)

My position is that all the 28 beliefs being”fundamental” cannot be compromised though on the surface, one might argue that a few of them seem less consequential and others more significant. This is a non-negotiable for “paid” employees of the church. The membership has a right to expect this.