Kind of funny, calling something a “witch hunt” when folks …

Comment on Bradley, Beach and Kaatz retain attorney by David Grams.

Kind of funny, calling something a “witch hunt” when folks who take our Adventist donor dollars get a big bang out of denigrating Adventist standards—and then folks cry “foul” when these undercutting shenanigans are exposed?

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God, Sky & Land – by Brian Bull and Fritz Guy
Without rehashing any specifics, it seems quite clear that Bull and Guy are pandering to the “old earth boys network” through their broad brush assumptions of “knowing” what the Hebrews were really trying to say…so I guess that means any alternative explanation—such as a young earth belief—would then “expose” one as lacking insight and academic understanding as well as being hopelessly bound by primitive logic…makes me almost eagerly anticipate the next imaginative variation on the “science” of macro evolution!

Educate Truth’s purpose and goals
Shane: A very reasoned, calm, yet passionate portrayal of your efforts. I fully agree with you that this goes beyond “creation/evolution proofs” and gets to the plight of the poor old bloke who thought he/she was headed for an Adventist perspective when suddenly “a funny thing happened inside the classroom”…

Parents send their kiddies to Adventist colleges so they can be thinkers with a purpose, a purpose that forwards the Creation Model in the context of being conversant with prevailing “ism’s” as well. Sadly, this paradigm has been misshapen into making mockery of the “primitive kids” who “think differently” than a Darwinist professor.