“….It is natural for the wrongdoer to hold the messengers …

Comment on Bradley, Beach and Kaatz retain attorney by Lydian Belknap.

“….It is natural for the wrongdoer to hold the messengers of God responsible for the calamities that come as the sure result of a departure from the way of righteousness. Those who place themselves in Satan’s power are unable to see things as God sees them, they become indignant at the thought of receiving reproof. Blinded by sin, they refuse to repent, they feel that God’s servants have turned against them and are worthy of severe censure. …
TODAY THERE IS A NEED OF THE VOICE OF STERN REBUKE, FOR GRIEVOUS SINS HAVE SEPARATED THE PEOPLE FROM GOD.Infidelity is fast becoming fashionable. “We will not have this man to reign over us,” is the language of thousands. (Luke 19:14) The smooth sermons so often preached make no lasting impression, the trumpet does not give a certain sound. Men are not cut to the heart by the plain, sharp truths of God’s word.
“There are many professed Christians who,if they should express their real feelings, would say, What need is there of speaking so plainly? They might as well ask, Why need John the Baptist have said to the Pharisees,’O generation of vipers, who hath warned you to flee from the wrath to come?'(Luke 3:7). Why need he have provoked the wrath of Herodias by telling Herod that it was unlawful for him to live with his brother’s wife? The forerunner of Christ lost his life life for his plain speaking. Why could he not have just moved along without incurring the displeasure of those who were living in sin?
“…The Lord’s messengers should not complain that their effects are without fruit until they repent of their own love of approbation and their desire to please men, which leads them to suppress truth.
“Those ministers who are men pleasers who cry Peace, peace, when God has not spoken peace, might well humble their hearts before God, asking pardon for their insincerity and their lack of moral courage. … When souls are in peril, God’s ministers will not consider self, but will speak the word given them to speak, refusing to excuse or palliate evil.” Prophets and Kings, pgs. 139-142.

Whether we realize it not not, we have reached a time of great crisis in our church. Where is the voice of “stern rebuke” being heard anywhere? It should be coming from every church, every conference, every church paper–and especially from the General Conference leadership. Maybe things are going on behind the scenes but so far months have passed since the GC was held in Atlanta and to my knowledge there has been no public evidence of it. Another school year will soon be here almost before we know it. Are our young people going to be faced with another year of this heresy?
Yes, four men were asked to resign but to the general church body it appears that at least two of them are still there in some capacity–and everybody I talk to assures us that this has nothing to do with the problems in the science (and religion?) departments. So what IS going on in these two departments and why are those men still there?
It seems to me that at least two decades of letting these obnoxiousness “weeds” to grow and flourish in our schools is WAY PAST “long enough!” Many have ferverently prayed about this situation but have seen nothing (that I know of) that gives any indication that something is actually being DONE about it.What are we waiting for?
I have absolutely no question but that God has honest, sincere Christian men and women “out there” somewhere with which He could replace every single person who is teaching heresy in our schools–IF that is what HE sees needs to be done. BUT–there is always a distinct possibility that He might not think that is what we need.
Our church and our schools were originally founded to train our youth to be ready to be a witness for HIM AND HIS TRUTH AND TO MEET JESUS WHEN HE RETURNS. We were never intended to compete with the world and “make a name for ourselves” by turning our backs on what our real goals in life should be. Worldly fame may (and has) come to some (Joseph and Daniel for example)but that has never been the reason for preparing ourselves for personal greatness.
Maybe, just maybe, God WANTS some Bible Colleges to train our youth to be real witnesses for Him in these “end times.” And maybe,just maybe,He is allowing these things to happen to get us back to the basics on which our church was founded! Maybe–just maybe–He wants some Josephs,some Davids, and some Daniels to help finish His work on this earth so Jesus can come and bring a final end to misery!

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Louie Bishop Testifies, Again, about His Experience at La Sierra University
Larry, don’t throw out the baby with the bath water. Just get rid of those who teach and and support that which is contrary to the 28 SDA fundamental beliefs.

The reality of creation is the basis of our name
This is a wonderful sermon. Due to problems with my Hope Chanel system I was unable to listen to it so was delighted to see it printed on your website. I was able to make a printed copies of it to share with some friends who also were not able to hear it. Thanks so much!

LSU graduate comments on LSU conflict

A short while back a dear friend sent me an email with lots of beautiful pictures showing a garden (somehow I lost the site) in which every bush had been transformed into a bird, an animal–even a child. It was absolutely magnificent!

As I looked at one of the amazing displays I started wondering what would happen if I was actually in that garden and approached a group of people who were also enjoying the beauty it held. And if after a few moments I said something like this:

“This is so beautiful–and to think Nature did it all on her own! It is truly amazing of what she can do if people will just back off and let her do her own thing.”

What would their reaction have been? (I suspect they would have thought I was somewhat deranged and slowly backed away and left before I became violent!)

Obviously that garden had a lot of very talented hands (and minds) behind all of that beauty and I suspect they were there every day clipping away the stray twigs and leaves that started appearing here and there.)

But is my disbelief in evolution unreasonable, and show my lack of knowledge (as some scientists contend), when I question that this beautiful world just “evolved” from chaos with no intelligent mind behind it? Why can’t we see it happening today? Who turned off the switch? And why?

I’m not a scientist but if this isn’t a case of “The Emperor Has No Clothes” I don’t know what one would be. We are often overwhelmed with the many wonderful and useful things humans have come up with that makes our lives more livable but every new invention or other things ALWAYS have a creative mind behind them. Why is it so difficult to recognize that the wonderful world we live in HAD to have an intelligent mind behind it? What ever happened to common sense?


A New Endowment Program for Adventist Education
So here I sit–a “very old lady”–totally confused and not having a clue as to whether to donate or not–or where to donate if I should.

As things stand now I think I will just continue putting my own little amount to my current “missionary out reach” of buying “Steps to Christ” and “Who Do You Think You Are?” and passing them on to the clerks in the stores where I shop or other people I meet that I think would like them.

If and when you folks decide on what, how and where to help in this very worthy project let me know and I’ll do what I can then.

LSU graduate comments on LSU conflict
When Man’s wisdom–however intelligent it may sound, or how many “letters” there are behind someone’s name (or even a lot of “someones”) that proclaim it–if it contradicts a single plain “Thus saith the Lord” it is NOT “present truth!” however much it may appeal to the liberal minds of millions who may wish an easier way to get to heaven.

I fear we are a long way from being the “people of the Book” we once were! But, guess what!–God knew this would happen and He called the last of the seven churches “Laodicea.” Truly, we are saying, “I am rich…and have need of nothing.” (After all, folks didn’t have the brilliant scientists such as we have today when You told Moses–and even our Adventist pioneers
–You did it is six literal days and rested the seventh!)

I am NOT against true science or scientists! There definitely is a real place for it (and them) and I truly believe it is “God given.” I have a LOT of respect for true science and true scientists but when someone–anyone–goes against a plain “Thus saith the Lord” they lose me. (Not that these folks really care if a very “ignorant”, very “old lady” doesn’t believe them!) But God does and that’s enough for me!

As Bob said–“All have free will. To each his own.” I agree! (But I still tremble for those who believe ideas contrary to what God says–even if it comes from the mouth of a renowned scientist, an “Adventist” teacher or an “Adventist” preacher. (Please forgive me if I have misunderstood or misjudged anyone.)