Lydian: “What need is there of speaking so plainly? …

Comment on Bradley, Beach and Kaatz retain attorney by Faith.

Lydian: “What need is there of speaking so plainly? They might as well ask, Why need John the Baptist have said to the Pharisees,’O generation of vipers, who hath warned you to flee from the wrath to come?’(Luke 3:7).”

I totally agree with your above post. So many times the progressives/liberals have come on this site accusing us of being unchristian. Yet the truth is that it is unchristian to allow this situation to go on without raising our voices in protest–and I do believe plain speaking is necessary in this.

It has plainly been shown that this situation was not dealt with for decades and it is only now, after the establishment of this site that it is beginning to be addressed. Evil grows in the dark. Much gratitude is due to Shayne and Sean for bringing this to light.

But we need to see more action from the powers that be. We need a clean sweep of the evolution-loving and -believing from LSU no matter if they are professors, administrators, board members, or employees. None should remain in this institution.

We need to have our institutions manned by faithful, fully converted SDAs…those that adhere to the principles of the SDA church.

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Bradley, Beach and Kaatz retain attorney

Faithful Disciple: The use of the term “witch hunt” is a misnomer for what is happening here. What people want here is accountability. We pay for one thing and get another. That is dishonest.

Amen! I am so tired of hearing that false accusation being bandied about on this site. Please! All you evolutionists, quit trying to blow smoke around to cloud this issue. The heart of the matter is accountability as Faithful Disciple has beautifully stated. We have a right to expect our institutions to teach our beliefs. If the professors involved can’t refrain from teaching evolution, then they need to go to an institution where it is acceptable. SDA institutions are funded and patronized by the church. Ultimately, the church has a right to hold the professors to accountability. And we, as church members, have the right to call for it. That is not a witch hunt–and if it was done in any secular institution or workplace it would not be accused of being so. It is just a flimsy defense by those who really have no valid defense.

Bradley, Beach and Kaatz retain attorney

Brian: There may be some legal issues regarding invasion of privacy since it is not likely that there was consent to audio record those seemingly “private” conversations.

I don’t see how there could be many privacy issues as the person responsible for posting this recording in the first place is the man who recorded it. By doing so, he made it public himself. Who else can he blame?

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Changing the Wording of Adventist Fundamental Belief #6 on Creation
And you are correct, Sean, PK must consider where his influence is going–for God or against Him.

Southern Adventist University opens Origins Exhibit
Mr Taylor,

After reading your comment above, I must say PK isn’t the only one in that boat.I would make some comment as to how I really feel about you, but I know Sean will only delete it and you won’t benefit from my insight anyway–seeing as Sean is more concerned about other people’s feelings than you seem to be.

How you have the nerve to come to this website and call us all a bunch of morons (which is really what you are doing) is beyond me. You and your cronies are the ones drowning in error. Anyone who dares to accept man’s opinions over the Bible or SOP isn’t to be trusted to define truth for anyone.

Too straight-forward in my comment? Trust me, I have restrained myself admirably. If you only knew….

Southern Adventist University opens Origins Exhibit
Further to my comment on skeptism and our professors, I’ve got to tell you that I found Prof Kent to be extremely annoying in his comments on EGW. He seems to think that she is an embarrassment to the church when she speaks on Science.

Personally I find people who dis her to be the embarrassment to the church. I really don’t see how they dare to contradict and mock God’s prophet. By doing this they undermine a lot of our church’s beliefs to outsiders as well as church members. God will hold them accountable for that.

Furthermore, David’s unpublished manuscript plus other books I have read on archaeology have reported skeletons of the type that EGW mentions. Also found were artifacts such as huge iron bedsteads made for and buried with kings of huge stature.

Just because you haven’t done your research, PK, don’t jump to the conclusion the evidence isn’t there. It’s there, all right, and you make yourself look a little foolish for not knowing about it.

Southern Adventist University opens Origins Exhibit
David Read said:

“Ellen White’s statements about larger antediluvian life forms are well attested with regard to many different types of flora and fauna. They’re not even controversial…

Hi David,

As you know, I took advantage of your kind offer and I read your manuscript as well as I purchased 3 of your books, one for me, one for my sisters, and one for the church library. It took me a week to finish the book, and I and my sisters are very impressed with it. My one sister calls it “one incredible book”. It has answered a lot of the questions we had on the subject of evolution vs creation science, and, yes, I believe we (you and I and my sisters) are on the same page in our beliefs. We have immensely enjoyed discussing the various aspects of the subject as we read. It makes perfect sense to us.

I still have a couple of questions–new ones will probably always keep popping up–but I would say you have covered the subject admirably. Thanks so much for this book.

I agree with Elder Wilson, this is something every Adventist should read. In my opinion it should be used as required reading for science courses. It is exactly the way I would want science courses in the universities to treat the Creation/evolution debate in the classroom. And if the professors at LSU and the other SDA institutions would do this we wouldn’t be constantly losing our young people and, for that matter, our professors, to skeptisism.

Thank God someone has the courage to publish the truth and expose error.

God Bless you, David.

Southern Adventist University opens Origins Exhibit
Hi Sean and Bill,

I am wondering if the difference of opinion here is due to varying definitions of the word ‘science’. As we all know there is true science and there is worldly psuedo-science.

If Bill’s understanding of ‘science’ in this case is actually worldly psuedo-science, then he is correct in not wanting any truth to be compromised with it.

From Sean’s post, I believe he is referring to true science, which is definitely part of our beliefs on origins and is well supported by the Bible and SOP, as Sean admirably demonstrated.

Not having seen the exhibit myself, I cannot comment on whether or not they are mixing psuedo-science into it. (Perhaps a few of you posters out there can see the exhibit and report back to us.) Knowing the general philosophy of SAU, I would be surprised if they did.

Their goal is “to provide scientific evidence that substantiates the Bible’s account of creation.” Sounds good to me.
They also say: “Religion and science don’t need to be at odds.” And that is true when you are referring to true science, which I believe they are.

However, I do understand Bill’s reaction in that these days when people use the word ‘science’ without qualification it so often means evolutionary pseudoscience, that we tend to be suspicious.

I think, Bill, that in this case we don’t need to worry. I believe SAU’s heart is in the right place and I am so glad that at least one of our institutions is willing to stand up and be counted on the side of Creation, even though they will probably draw much criticism from the ‘scientific’ community as well as from the TEs in their own church.

God bless them for their fidelity to Him. And may God strengthen them to meet the onslaught that is most likely to follow, is my prayer for them.