Kind of funny, calling something a “witch hunt” when folks …

Comment on Bradley, Beach and Kaatz retain attorney by David Grams.

Kind of funny, calling something a “witch hunt” when folks who take our Adventist donor dollars get a big bang out of denigrating Adventist standards—and then folks cry “foul” when these undercutting shenanigans are exposed?

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La Sierra University Hires Another Darwinist
I’m afraid there is a frightful chasm between the “person in the pew” and academia that apparently too few appreciate. The reason that LSU can so easily hire another anti-Creationist is that the boys and girls “in the field” just quietly chuckle and chortle at all the “noises” that primitive peons in the pew are making over the whole shebang. Indeed, this is precisely what that poor old bloke (student) experienced when he actually attempted to gurgle a basic Adventist tenant of the faith in class. Again, if one was a “little bird” at faculty chats, one might hear the elongated gales of laughter at such “small thinking” in such an enlightened age…

God, Sky & Land – by Brian Bull and Fritz Guy
Without rehashing any specifics, it seems quite clear that Bull and Guy are pandering to the “old earth boys network” through their broad brush assumptions of “knowing” what the Hebrews were really trying to say…so I guess that means any alternative explanation—such as a young earth belief—would then “expose” one as lacking insight and academic understanding as well as being hopelessly bound by primitive logic…makes me almost eagerly anticipate the next imaginative variation on the “science” of macro evolution!

Educate Truth’s purpose and goals
Shane: A very reasoned, calm, yet passionate portrayal of your efforts. I fully agree with you that this goes beyond “creation/evolution proofs” and gets to the plight of the poor old bloke who thought he/she was headed for an Adventist perspective when suddenly “a funny thing happened inside the classroom”…

Parents send their kiddies to Adventist colleges so they can be thinkers with a purpose, a purpose that forwards the Creation Model in the context of being conversant with prevailing “ism’s” as well. Sadly, this paradigm has been misshapen into making mockery of the “primitive kids” who “think differently” than a Darwinist professor.

WASC considers outside efforts ‘threatening’ to LSU’s autonomy
Hello to Frank and thanks for your instructive counsel! Of course, to those who “disagreed” with Frank I think I grasp what you’re seeking to convey; that is, that the calling of some of our fellow churchmembers just may well be to ask the “hard questions”—all in the right spirit—so that the original purpose of our colleges might be maintained and strengthened.

With your counsel in mind, Frank, you can mentally delete my question at the end of my earlier post, as it is really unnecessary. While it is true that tactful, yet focused and blunt rebuttals to the Evolution Solution are essential to the spiritual health of the church and it’s entities, it’s also true that we must be (as you say) kindly disposed to others, without rancor, even in the midst of clashing philosophies.

One last little vignette: Maybe those of us who contribute to this site should emphasize a bit more often that indeed there are top-notch believing professors who fully support the Genesis Creation Story and who teach at La Sierra University. I know this is true and that it might be the better part of valor to guard against carelessly using too wide a paintbrush…

Just a thought…

WASC considers outside efforts ‘threatening’ to LSU’s autonomy
No doubt about it. LSU will probably attempt to manipulate WASC into being an unwitting accomplice in the hijacking of academic freedom at LaSierra. But then again, as someone who has worked with WASC rather extensively, it’s clear that they are not “into imposing” belief systems on any university. WASC just wants to know if an institution of higher learning actualizes what they claim to be in bulletins and other communications. But again, of course, LSU could “stage a show” that portrays all the recent hoopla as an imposition on their right to “do school.”

Funny thing.

This whole shebang would never have ignited if a teacher hadn’t publicly demeaned his “customers”; indeed, while some in the biology department might have leanings toward “Evolvement Stuff”, things would have essentially remained unnoticed except for this one aberration—loss of academic freedom for certain lowly students, that is, the freedom to just be a plain ole’ Adventist in an Adventist university. It was the public and academic humiliation from the pontifical platform of “professor” that created the firestorm. And it is just this issue that ought, at some point, to be addressed.

Maybe when the spin machine exhausts it’s fuel?