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Comment on GC Votes to Revise SDA Fundamental #6 on Creation by Christiane Marshall.

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@Sean Pitman:

We may just be arguing apples and apples. I am certainly not advocating ‘blind faith’ as you have had cause to address frequently on this sight. I am arguing against an over-dependence on extra-biblical evidence for our faith walk.

How do you know that the Bible is really the Word of God, while other religious texts, like the Book of Mormon, is not? How do you tell the difference? My LDS friends tell me that God gives them a warm feeling deep within themselves when they see or hear the truth. That is how they know that the Book of Mormon is from God. For me, I don’t find this approach very helpful when it comes to establishing a solid hope or confidence in the Bible as God’s word.

I actually had the opportunity to study many of the world’s so-called sacred texts before accepting the Bible as the true one. The Bible’s internal testimony coupled with the convicting witness of the Holy Spirit is what finally tipped the scales for me.

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Wisbey talks about LSU and what he wants you to know

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Wisbey talks about LSU and what he wants you to know
Geanna, Thanks for clarifying! In my opinion, of all the issues you mention, the six 24 hour days are probably the most crucial. Of course they won’t guarantee salvation, but not believing in the creative power of God could easily lead one away from Christ.

We all grow up immersed in an evolution world view. It is so hard to shake sometimes, even when we believe God created the world! We don’t really need to figure everything out though. It just uses up energy we could be using to witness to people who need Christ.

I believe God wants us to use our intellect, but I don’t think He wants it to be our focus in life to the point of draining our mental energies. Asking questions, seeking answers, figuring things out, etc. are all part of what makes us human — it’s how He made us. And He wants to be part of helping us find answers.

As a teacher, my best moments are watching the expressions of my students when the light goes off. I’m sure that God is like that too, delighting in our discoveries! And even smiling when we don’t get it yet, just like we do when children don’t understand simple things like conservation. We just know they will understand soon enough.

(Just a thought — maybe when you play devil’s advocate you might add a line to let others know — or at least let the more alert aware of it! LOL!)

If God could create the world in six days, why can’t he create special animals to carry the diversity within themselves to go onto the ark? Believing in the creative power of God solves everything.

And I know His power to create and re-create. I’ve seen almost hopeless people become transformed. Victor works as a prison chaplain and has witnessed this more often than I have. Those stories are to me more difficult to believe or even understand than any scientific puzzle I can think of!

Wisbey talks about LSU and what he wants you to know
You’re welcome Geanna. I have a question on an answer to Roger Seheult’s question. Wondered if you can clarify:

You answered, “Yes, probably so (but not 100% conviction because the Bible does not say this explicitly, and you know it like every single person here knows it).”

I’m curious if you mean the 6,000 years aspect or if you mean the six literal 24 hour period aspect — or both?


Wisbey talks about LSU and what he wants you to know

I have NEVER advocated theistic evolution because I don’t believe in it. What is your problem, Sir? Why is it that anyone who says very plainly, over and over, I agree with the general message but detest the methods is labeled an evolutionist? Where is the honesty and integrity?I am faulted continually for pointing out that you people frequently use the word “evolution” with complete ignorance. I am faulted continually for pointing out that people push literalism too far. I am faulted continually for pointing out that you guys are cyberbullies and lack Christian charity. I am faulted continually for pointing out Sean Pitman’s exaggerated claims of knowledge. And these make me a theistic evolutionist?What is it with you older men that provokes you to go after a college girl and “put her in her place”? Male pastors especially (I won’t list names).  

Geanna! I want to speak to you as a teacher and as a mother.I’m not trying to attack you. I’m honestly trying to be helpful to you. I’ve been watching you interact on the forum for a while. I wanted to be sure my gut feeling was correct before posting, so I spent some time today collecting some of your posts. I don’t want to embarrass you by listing proof of the observations I am making. I might do that if I could email you privately, but this forum doesn’t have that option.

I will address the important principles though. At first you felt attacked and said you will leave the church because of the treatment you received here. I prayed for you and hoped you would not do that.

I think after that, some people encouraged you and you returned here. You are an intelligent young person and you are thinking and posting your thoughts. That’s what forums are all about.

People don’t have to agree with each other. We might learn something from each other.

Once in a while, a person might get a little carried away and get sarcastic or offensive. Sometimes I see that someone is not behaving in a Christlike manner. But for the most part, this is a volatile issue and people have strong opinions on both sides. They will be expressing these things in a strong way. (That doesn’t mean they are attacking. That’s just the nature of debate.)

Anyone who posts here needs to be aware of that volatile aspect.

But since you’ve returned, your posts have been mostly sarcastic. You often begin with, “Oh really?” or “Are you saying…!” Or you name call (cyberbully, literalists, etc.) No one is bullying you here. People try to explain what they are trying to say to you, but you respond sarcastically. You also do veiled “name calling” such as saying Sean’s claims of knowledge are exaggerated. I’ve also noticed quite a bit of this attitude in your posts as well– “I’m superior to all of you ignoramus people here since I understand such and such and you obviously don’t.”

This particular post that you made implies that older male pastors attack young college girls. (This is a seriously out of line generalization and you can’t find the data for this–not trying to be snarky. Just wanting to make you aware.) It reminds me of the little girl whose mother has told her not to rough house with the big boys but she does so just the same. Mother says, “okay, but remember if you get hurt by accident don’t come complaining to me!” What I’m trying to say is that the “male pastors” here are treating you like an equal but you continually rail against them.

Also, how do any of us know the ages of the other people on the forum? We don’t use avatars? Maybe you’re snooping about on the net? Unless my husband has made a post with his age? And how does anyone know you are a young college student? I just graduated with a second masters in 2009 at 53. If I only said I was a college student in 2008, would others assume I’m “young?”

I’ve looked at your posts in context and sometimes when you say you’ve been attacked, there’s nothing in the post attacking you. (And in the particular post you refer to here, you’ve not been attacked. If you look carefully, the statements are generalized and not against you. They are simply addressing your comments.)

Sometimes things might get confused because communicating on forums is one dimensional. To get around that, some people use emoticons. When those things are not available like on this forum, we need to give each other the benefit of the doubt. For example, if you think you are being attacked, don’t attack back. Simply ask without sarcasm. Ex.: “I’m not trying to be snarky, I honestly want to know this. It seemed you might be implying such and such. Is that true?”

In one dimensional conversations, questions and clarifications have a very important place. You can also choose to ignore what you think might be an attack and simply talk facts. God can help us to do this so we don’t say or write things we’ll regret later. If someone truly does attack you, you can either ignore that post or comment only on the factual content of the post. I know there have been many times on other forums where I thought someone was saying one thing, but later realized that wasn’t it at all. I’ve been thankful so many times I didn’t respond the way I felt at those moments!

There’s another factor you need to consider. These days employers google prospective employees’ names. They will easily find your posts and perhaps fear that you might be hard to get along with. Something to think about. The saying about spoken words being like the toothpaste in the toothpaste tube–that you can’t put it back in–has become magnified by the internet. The written word can go viral overnight!

Geanna, Why don’t you collect some of your posts and see what I’m talking about?

And here’s a challenge for you. As an intelligent college student, I’m sure you’re capable of accomplishing this if you want to. Can you try to express yourself without sarcasm or name-calling? As a teacher, I would suggest that you write it out the way you want first. Then look at what you’ve written and find a way to say it by editing out the sarcasm and name calling.

Forgive constantly. Cease fighting. God asks us to “Be still, and know that I am God.”