Shouldn’t there be some kind of litmus test, i.e. agreement …

Comment on Ted Wilson: No Room for Evolution as Truth in Adventist Schools by John Fleming.

Shouldn’t there be some kind of litmus test, i.e. agreement with the church’s 28 fundamental doctrines, before teaching within one of our schools? Why isn’t teaching any material that denies a literal understanding of the Bible combined with a rejection of the Spirit of Prophecy grounds for immediate dismissal? It’s honorable to resign when in disagreement with basic church doctrine, however it would seem we are also guilty of creating a bureaucratic system of tenure based on credentials and longevity regardless of a teacher’s personal belief or their ability for instituting a curriculum in harmony with the public school system.

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Well said, and probably a more readable recap. Let’s take a stand on a Biblical foundation.

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I would echo Bob’s comments and thank you for your faith-building material. There is much in the world to denigrate a young earth, literal 6-day creation, and intelligent designer, and your articles are a breath of life and truth. Because scientific thought and research is a moving target, whatever forum you choose to publish should be one that can be revisited and updated occasionally.

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Sean, I greatly enjoy your analysis of science regarding the theories of evolution versus intelligent design. Do you have an online bio or resume that shows your research, any peer-reviewed articles, etc.?

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Your thoughts on Dr. Walter Veith as a guest presenter of the Biblical position on creation at La Sierra?

Another Student’s Perspective of La Sierra University
A valid question has been raised and that is “what do you want to be taught in science classes in a Christian institution?” LSU, last I checked, is not only representing a Christian education, but teaching an understanding of Seventh-day Adventist values and principles.

As a Seventh-day Adventist I believe that Ellen G. White passed the test of a prophet, and that she received direct visions, instructions, and messages from God. If you choose not to believe in her inspiration, then I would recommend another church or organization for affiliation.

If you do, she makes some very pointed remarks and provides direction in how to present science and geology in our “Christian” institutions. With a partial 3rd grade education she was not a “scientist,” not peer-reviewed, and did not undertake an advanced degree or education in this field. If she was however writing under the spirit of direct inspiration, possibly those of us who are Adventists, and are performing as instructors, faculty members, administrators and purporting to be upholding the 28 fundamental doctrines of the church in performing our duties, should be paying a modicum of interest in her recommendations.

In some other schools they teach geology on the evolution basis. We can teach geology and show that evolution is false. {LLM 427.3}

The warnings of the Word of God regarding the perils surrounding the Christian church belong to us today. As in the days of the apostles men tried by tradition and philosophy to destroy faith in the Scriptures, so today, by the pleasing sentiments of higher criticism, evolution, spiritualism, theosophy, and pantheism, the enemy of righteousness is seeking to lead souls into forbidden paths. To many the Bible is as a lamp without oil, because they have turned their minds into channels of speculative belief that bring misunderstanding and confusion. {RC 344.5}

The Bible record is in harmony with itself and with the teaching of nature. Of the first day employed in the work of creation is given the record, “The evening and the morning were the first day.” Genesis 1:5. And the same in substance is said of each of the first six days of creation week. Each of these periods Inspiration declares to have been a day consisting of evening and morning, like every other day since that time. In regard to the work of creation itself the divine testimony is, “He spake, and it was done; He commanded, and it stood fast.” Psalm 33:9. With Him who could thus call into existence unnumbered worlds, how long a time would be required for the evolution of the earth from chaos? In order to account for His works, must we do violence to His word? {Ed 129.1}

Akin to the theory concerning the evolution of the earth is that which attributes to an ascending line of germs, mollusks, and quadrupeds the evolution of man, the crowning glory of the creation. {Ed 130.1}
When consideration is given to man’s opportunities for research; how brief his life; how limited his sphere of action; how restricted his vision; how frequent and how great the errors in his conclusions, especially as concerns the events thought to antedate Bible history; how often the supposed deductions of science are revised or cast aside; with what readiness the assumed period of the earth’s development is from time to time increased or diminished by millions of years; and how the theories advanced by different scientists conflict with one another,–considering all this, shall we, for the privilege of tracing our descent from germs and mollusks and apes, consent to cast away that statement of Holy Writ, so grand in its simplicity, “God created man in His own image, in the image of God created He him”? Genesis 1:27. Shall we reject that genealogical record,–prouder than any treasured in the courts of kings,–“which was the son of Adam, which was the son of God”? Luke 3:38. {Ed 130.2}
Rightly understood, both the revelations of science and the experiences of life are in harmony with the testimony of Scripture to the constant working of God in nature. {Ed 130.3}

In summary, have we wandered so far from our roots, our unique message, and the additional light that has been granted our movement that we have to ask the question, “How should we be presenting the theory of evolution in a Seventh-day Adventist School? Really?