Sean, you have posted some outstanding material that provides a …

Comment on Radioactive Clocks – and the “True” age of Life on Earth by Bob Helm.

Sean, you have posted some outstanding material that provides a solid scientific basis for young life (or young biosphere) creationism. Not only is it based on valid evidence that has excellent research to back it up, but you have used relatively simple language, so that even non-scientists can understand it. But there is one drawback. Only a few Adventists are going to see it on this rather obscure site. The general public, the scientific community, other Christians, and even most Adventists will never have access to it. Why don’t you publish this material in book form so that more people can read it? If the book could be published in bound form and also posted as an internet book, I’m sure it would give you a much wider readership, including researchers in biology, geology, and paleontology. I think such a book would go a long way toward further development of the YLC model for natural history and also in helping people integrate science with Christianity.

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Radioactive Clocks – and the “True” age of Life on Earth
You are welcome, and I hope a book will eventually see the light of day. It would be awesome! 🙂

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I believe in good medicine and am thankful to God for the Moderna vaccine. Walter Veith deserves to be ignored, and not just on this issue.

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@Carlos: Far from being outdated, I would say that Sean’s arguments are cutting edge. As for the assertion that scientists don’t use Darwin’s model for evolution, that is correct – because Darwin had no knowledge of Mendelian genetics. The original Darwinian model was replaced by the Neo-darwinian Synthesis about 1940, which claims that evolution takes place as natural selection acts on random mutations. Although this model still dominates biology today, it is facing increasingly serious problems, which Sean has touched on.

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@Sean Pitman: OK, I see it now. Sorry – I missed it earlier.

Complex Organisms are Degenerating – Rapidly
Sean, Dr. John Sanford, who was an important contributor to the development of GMOs, has written a book on this issue entitled, “Genetic Entropy.” I don’t see him quoted anywhere in your article, and I’m wondering if you are familiar with his work. It is noteworthy that Dr. Sanford has abandoned Darwinism and adopted creationism/intelligent design, not originally for religious reasons, but because of this problem.

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Sean, once again I urge you to publish your material in book form, preferably with a non-Adventist publisher. You have such wonderful material, but the Educate Truth audience is so small.