Pastor Ivor Myers and Medical Panel Discuss COVID-19 and Vaccines

Dr. David Derose, Dr. Steve Lee, Dr. Eric Walsh, Dr. Roger Seheult, and Dr. Sean Pitman join Pastor Ivor Myers and his wife, Atonte Myers, to discuss common questions about the COVID-19 pandemic and the modern vaccines that are being used to fight it; along with the Adventist Health Message and other relevant religious concepts and concerns.

Aditional Educational Resources:
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Dr. Seheult: Link
Dr. Pitman: Link, Link
Dr. Lee: Link

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7 thoughts on “Pastor Ivor Myers and Medical Panel Discuss COVID-19 and Vaccines

  1. I am a retired high school teacher and I come from France originally, but I have been an American for 40years.
    It always puzzles me that people have to discuss vaccines. When the flu vaccine came out was there a lot of discussion about it? When the polio vaccine came out was there a lot of discussion about it? Isn’t it just up to the individual to decide yay or nay whether it’s good for them? Why waste time discussing vaccines. It’s a personal choice and it is no one else’s business. What a waste of time to discuss whether this Covid vaccine is good or bad. You need to spend your time in preaching the word that is much better.
    God bless us all. Marie Sanner


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    • Well, a pandemic where a lot more people than usual are dying (I’ve personally lost many friends to this pandemic already) makes the discussion of vaccines a bit more urgent. Sure, preaching the Gospel is vital. However, you can’t preach the Gospel very well if you’re sick in the hospital or dead…


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  2. I am not 7th Day Adventist but my cousin is an Adventist preacher. In your discussion you said well Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin isn’t FDA approved. Duh, that’s the very problem. I have heard and met others including a doctor all who have benefitted and it is obvious looking at the corrupt WHO that went to bat for the Chineese communists this discussion is clearly not balanced. Why is corona incidence so low in India. Have you met someone with lupus on hydroxychloroquine that has had corona? Why did Sweden get herd immunity with no more deaths and never shutting their country down before the vaccine compared to the US and elsewhere. Why is the incidence lower in Africa where people take hydroxychloroquine for malaria prophylaxis. Why did everyone who died or was dying from other conditions who happened to pick up the virus get labeled a corona death which by the way increased the hospitals reimbursement. Too many unanswered questions and you need a balanced discussion to have credibility. For a moment you almost convinced me until you talked about how the corona vaccine actually makes the protein to induce the immune response. Tell me why this protein won’t attach to all ACE3 receptors on endothelial cells everywhere and cause multifocal microclots routinely. And you never addressed the inventor of this mRNA vaccine who got kicked off social media for saying something negative about the vaccine. Dorsey and Zuckerberg are of the devil, in fact the latter looks really like Caligula of Ancient Rome, so people wonder why only conservative or christian thought is banned including now coronavirus vaccine criticism, masking, lockdowns, etc. Coincidence? I am sure the Jewish doctor from New York that has used the medicines successfully with no deaths can counter or at least force you to think critically. I will still pass on the vaccine and as a pathologist with 40 years experience they can fire me if they want. I don’t want a handful of gold or silver to deceive anyone, just the facts and only an open forum and debate will change opinions and it will still be a personal choice, we are still a republic with a constitution. Too many doctors remind me of Pharisees. And I refuse to use the liberal social media platforms, the devils platform.


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    • Although HCQ and Ivermectin are both FDA-approved drugs (but not for the treatment of COVID-19), that’s irrelevant to the fact that scientific studies haven’t shown any significant benefits when it comes to the early treatment of COVID-19 (Link). That’s unfortunate, but that’s the reality of the situation. You can reference anecdotal stories all day long and that simply won’t overcome the scientific studies that have been done here.

      Your claims about Sweden as a success story regarding COVID-19, although common, are also mistaken (Link).

      Also, despite your claims, COVID-19 cases (Delta Variant) did show a dramatic spike in India between March and June (2021). Sure, the spike has declined since it’s high, but it’s not like India is out of the woods either (Link). Of course, the decline in cases in India, as well as the UK, is hopeful when it comes to the current US spike…

      As far as Dr. Robert Malone being the “inventor” of the mRNA vaccines, that’s not exactly the full story either. Malone gets his credibility among the anti-vax and anti-COVID-vax crowd by calling himself the inventor of mRNA vaccines, which is a bit like calling a guy who worked on the combustion engine the inventor of space flight. The work was absolutely a milestone on the way to jet propulsion, and our ideating engineer probably hoped to go to the stars. But Malone wasn’t the only person working on mRNA, he wasn’t the only person to have the idea of an mRNA vaccine and, as of now, he hasn’t been working in that field of research for 30 years. (Link)

      As far as social media platforms making rules that you don’t like (or that I may not like either), that’s the problem with living in a free country. Your freedoms aren’t the only freedoms protected here.


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  3. I am confused.

    The Adventist message is clear and it gives Ellen White as an example of receiving a vaccination during an pandemic in her time. The Adventist Church states 90% of their doctors at Loma Linda are fully vaccinated, so why, is Walter Veith promoting the opposite and strongly (and is connected to the Church) promoting not to get vaccinated and indeed, if after the third shot expect to die?


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