@Sean Pitman: Dr. Pitman, The reason your arguments are philosophical …

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@Sean Pitman: Dr. Pitman,

The reason your arguments are philosophical and not scientific is that they are all too trivial. No real science is as trivial as having to decide the obvious.

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Intelligent Design – Science or Religion?
@Sean Pitman:

Sean Pitman:

Now it all comes clear.You’re Eugene Shubert – the one who thinks that HIV isn’t the cause of AIDS (Link).The one who talks directly with God,

I see no reason to condemn Kary Mullis just because he’s a Nobel Laureate in chemistry and has crazy ideas. And I have never said that God talks to me. The closest I ever got to hearing from God is being reproved by the Holy Spirit speaking audibly to me, saying, “There is no excuse for sin.” And consistent with that, there was also a time when an angel reproved me in a dream. But I had greater revelations. I wasn’t always following my own will. I do treasure a Holy Spirit communication that a prayer of mine was answered. There was also a dream years later where I dreamed that I was confessing my whole life to my Father and when I finished my confession, my Father told me that I am justified.

Intelligent Design – Science or Religion?

Sean Pitman: Please do present the “real” definition of science and its meaning for us so that I can move beyond my own trivial understanding of it. … I would therefore be very interested in your own non-trivial definition of science and what it “means” – contrary to what I presented in my lecture.

Specifically, please do explain to me how science is in fact unable to detect the need to invoke intelligent design to explain various features of our universe in which we live?… how this is all just “philosophy”?

First, on the definition of science, I do hope you realize that you’re just repeating the unsophisticated logic of the Discovery Institute and according to Michael Behe, the Institute’s chosen witness to testify in the now infamous Kitzmiller v. Dover Area School District court case, that to broaden the accepted definition of science to include Intelligent Design, then the definition would also be broad enough to include astrology. http://www.talkorigins.org/faqs/dover/day11pm.html

Second, I must emphasize that you only invoked two definitions of science in your lecture to decide the question, “Intelligent Design – Science or Religion?”, and both of those definitions are extremely nonstandard. Providing only two nonstandard definitions is being unreasonably selective and that makes me wonder why you are ignoring the definition of science as understood by all the notable discoverers of the laws of nature. I interpret your quote from Richard Feynman as a misrepresentation of science. If you really wanted to cite an authority like Feynman, why didn’t you reveal his very precise thinking on the definition of science?

I do not recall saying that science is unable to detect the need to invoke intelligent design to explain various features of our universe. My view is simply that the existence of the Creator is obvious (Psalm 53:1) and that even a good dictionary definition of science reveals that you’re not characterizing science properly.

Intelligent Design – Science or Religion?
@Oink: Dr. Pitman’s arguments are trivial. Real science is nontrivial. Therefore, Dr. Pitman’s lecture really wasn’t about science.

Dr. Pitman might have discovered that his lecture actually misrepresented science if he had presented a thorough review of the meaning of science.

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