For those of you who are interested in a point-by-point, …

Comment on Christians and the Sabbath by Kerry Wynne.

For those of you who are interested in a point-by-point, researched evaluation of Dr. Pitman’s analysis of the Sabbath Question, here is a Google Docs link you can go to. The rebuttal of Dr. Pitman’s paper is point-by-point, and it takes over 100 pages. The link will give you read-only access. Thanks!

Kerry Wynne
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LYING FOR GOD: What Adventists Knew and When They Knew It!

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Christians and the Sabbath
Note that the 12th Edition of LYING FOR GOD will be available in a couple of months or less. Our chapter on the lunar Sabbath has some errors that needed to be corrected, and additional research has been done. Also, additional research was needed to evaluate Dr. Pitman’s challenges to it. This chapter is under construction, and you may wish to watch its progress as a rough draft. I will provide a view-only link to it in Google Docs. If you are lucky, you will get to see one of us working on the document in real time. Most of Dr. Pitman’s arguments have already been researched and evaluated by our team. Here is the link:



Christians and the Sabbath
For those of you who wish to study a game-changing refutation of Adventism and Sabbatarian that strikes not only its roots, but the very soil that those roots used to grow in, you can study our book, LYING FOR GOD, 11th EDITION. It has been authored over a period of eleven years, and the team of co-authors and consulting scholars had recently gone world-wide. For example, Dr. Reuven Brauner, the world’s most respected Ancient Hebrew scholar, explains that there is no Sabbath until the time of the Exodus. As the translator of the MISHNAH from the Hebrew into the English, he has provided additional evidence that when the Torah was being studied by the Judges of Israel who, at the time, spoke and read the same language in which the Torah was written, interpreted it to clearly teach that the Sabbath did not exist until the Exodus and that it was for Israel alone. Here is a read-only link to the document at Google Docs. It is over 600 pages. I do not check this website for comments. If wish to contact me about the book, you must read the book completely through and indicate that you have done so in the first sentence of your e-mail to this address: —