Atlantic Union College Science Chair Responds

As chair of the Dept. of Health and Natural Sciences at Atlantic Union College, I can say with absolute confidence that our present department faculty believe and teach creationism according to the Bible and the Spirit of Prophecy. I totally agree with the article by Jay Gallimore. Before I arrived at AUC in the fall of 2001, there was an issue with a faculty member, and, as I understand it, he was asked to leave. To where, I do not know. My concern is that we SDAs do not stand as strongly as we should. We tend to be too “kind” and move a person with issues from one place to another. Constituents must get involved, for in these last days, unfortunately, there is corruption even in the Church. We must all dare to be Daniels. Christ’s coming is too soon to be slothful, and we MUST be in the battle for Truth.

Dr. Richard D. Brown, Chair of the Department of Health and Natural Sciences