Carl and Sean, Great summary Sean! Carl, I do not think that …

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Carl and Sean,
Great summary Sean!
Carl, I do not think that Sean’s point is that he was trying to prove 6000-10,000 years. He was trying to decided which was more tenable–the traditional Biblical understanding of Genesis or the more Evolutionary from a Scientific perspective. Given the evidence, he feels that the weight is further from the ultra long–both take as certain amount of faith in the end. You just start with having to decide between the 2 ideas–Short or really long–I don’t think that there is a third choice religiously or scientifically out there at this moment.

My feeling is that it is always going to be nice to see some evidence but in the end, you will have to decide in faith. That is what you will do with the science or with the religion. Right at this time, I think we are all going to have to chose if we are going to make a religion out of science or not. If not, I think we better stick with what the Bible says and it is pretty straight forward to me. Then, it will always be nice to get a little back up from the science but we don’t have to.



PS–The Bible advises not to sleep with your neighbor’s wife. If society said otherwise, and 99.9% of experts said it was okay, would you do it? Some things we just will get wrong.

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Shane: Thank you. You comment was better worded than I could have explained. promoted on 3ABN
Michael: When you become an apostle or prophet–you can write letters–long ones– of discipline with strong language even as necessary. A lot of people use this as the norm to be able to talk to strangers and acquaintances the same way they would discipline their children when they have not established any status for this or knowledge for the other party to base any ability to judge or respect. More than likely the other will react negatively. This is not the case for the majority of us and will not be. When or if you obtain leadership in our church this may change for you but until that time you may not be able to instruct as such. The funny thing about the internet is that there is no way of telling as I said before so you have to assume the other person has no idea so the best to do is act as such with kindness and explanation.

Examples: “Where do I begin?” “poor bible student and quite ignorant of church history.” “Really?”

Maybe, maybe you were just being just a little defensive. Do you think the evolutionists will go any easier on you? Especially if you are trying to tell them they are of the devil.

Your quote of Timothy with exposure of sin before the church to reduce the chance of having it happen again–how would you go about that if you were in charge. I know a personal friend that had that happen to them–they left the church for many years–they were brought before the church and asked to confess their sin before the whole congregation at church. Yes, it was a sin. There was no 2 ways about it. So in front of a church filled with people a 16 year old girl told how she got pregnant out of wedlock! It is this type of misinterpretation of scripture that hurts people, their understanding of God and our church! Sin has to be handled and removed correctly–a leader should have the responsibility to confess to the church a public issue or sin. A 16 year old with a private sin may best need to deal with a few people at a time and specifically confess and ask forgiveness to the family she lives with and maybe the one of her significant relationship. promoted on 3ABN
Justin: You are obviously biased. I’m sorry you see it that way. I did use the Bible and did not insinuate that Micheal did not know what he was talking about. I’m glad you are happy about being right though. It is nice to feel that way. . . . promoted on 3ABN
Michael: You have no idea who I am or what my education is. The internet on a discussion site is no place for long explanations and arguments. Basic quotes and beliefs are simple for explanation or understanding. More will not get the job done in this format. Making judgments as to education and ignorance is usually comparative and not too accurate. My statements were made on the other hand off of your ongoing aggressive and demeaning use of wordage in our discussion and discussion with others that don’t happen to agree with you.

You may find that the world will all be much less smart that you if you use agreement with you as the criteria. There are a lot of people that use this as a criteria by the way and I have been treated badly by many of them. Some of them are probably much smarter that you and me put together. Just because of that does not make them right or any more believable.

Respect truly comes as a result of the ability to be respected. promoted on 3ABN
Michael: I did make myself clear. Just because I did not pontificate long enough does not mean that. It is quite clear that when I say the doctrine of evolution is wrong and should be put away. It should be done clearly and kindly as possible.

What I said by “not meaning much” is that scripture can be taken out of context–and was and is often used to justify mean spirited behavior. Just because one person is told to go so far as to condemn a sinner openly through the spirit of God does not give every Christian the right or duty to go about doing so. Elijay openly condemned sin while most of Elisha’s life was one of gentle leading to Christ–only once did he have to stand up for himself and that was enough for the rest of his life (the bears).

While I respect your zeal, open sin should be recognized and met and sinners should be dealt with but see how Jesus dealt with the harlot they brought to him. He did not tell her a big lecture. He just told her to leave the sin–that was it. If Eli had dealt early with his sons, a severe judgment would not have been required–read Ellen White. Only because he put it off, did he need such drastic measures that would have been required but he did not meat out–by the way, that is dealing with sin and consequences (these boys were stealing and perverting justice and several other severe sins that is was his place as the father to judge). Interestingly, Samuel did not wish to give the message. He probably gave it with tears in his eyes and love in his heart and it was not done in a public format. All of which, you tend to overlook and just focus on the judgment and how sinners are supposed to be told that they are sinners in a humiliating way and are of the devil.

It is wrong to do bad things. It is important to talk to people about it in the correct way. I’m not sure saying they are of the devil or doing the works of the devil is appropriate. I’m looking for something like–this is wrong at our institution and needs to stop. If you ask me, we are all sinners and need a savior. If you need counsel from me and trust me here, yes, I do believe that evolution is not consistent with Bible and Christian belief systems. I recommend that you come to Jesus on His terms–not on your own.

How would you talk with someone still practicing as a Baptist or Catholic in the SDA church or maybe Buddist–wouldn’t you try and mentor them into the truth further–there would of course come a time when they would need to go to the church of their choice but I would like for them to feel loved and accepted here? What is the difference between the belief in evolution and Buddism as far as undermining the truth. I’m sure that it wouldn’t be easy but it is not so hard to think about if it were that but they need growth and time as well. They cannot teach or preach in our church but time to understand if they like would be okay wouldn’t it. Time to question, wouldn’t it? Judas had 3 1/2 years.

These people need to not teach at our schools but their own consciences will condemn them if that is the case. If they don’t then our words will have no effect and will be wasted. Our job will be just to remove them from the harmful position and effects. Our behavior and example for the onlookers will be important though.

I probably have not convinced you. We can go on quoting one sided views of scripture as well. In the end, if you are prophetic or led, we will see you at the helm of the church in time. If not, you will not be there. These things have a way of taking care of themselves. God is in charge and I will leave that up to Him and will learn that way.