While I believe in freedom of speech, in my opinion …

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While I believe in freedom of speech, in my opinion much of the content on this site seems reactionary and unsettling. Who’s responsible for this site? I trust that much prayer has gone into this decision . . .

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WASC Reviews LSU’s Accreditation

Has anyone recommended prayer? People of FAITH where is the “prayer engine” for this site. Who’s praying?

It sounds as if we’re trying to conquer spiritual battles with weak carnal weapons – namely logical (in some cases illogical) arguments.

Like this suggestion Hi Holly Pharm?

WASC Reviews LSU’s Accreditation

Blessings to you and yours. Fight the good fight and keep the Faith

– Hi Holly Pha’r’m (Typo . . . . ooooops, I’m in trouble again)

WASC Reviews LSU’s Accreditation
@Holly Pham:

Thanks for the correction. But based on the tone of your response I suspect this site is not for individuals who would dare type an incorrect letter in “Seventh-day”.

“Calvin, This site is for Seventh-day Adventists, not Seventy-day Adventists. Maybe that’s why you don’t understand what’s going on?” – Extremely disappointed that you would jump to such a conclusion – very sad day for our church – – – shame on you . . .

By the way thank you Faith.