The point I was trying to put across was, because …

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The point I was trying to put across was, because God alone can (and does) accurately predict the future centuries in advance (which no scientist or any other human can do)it seems to me that should show anyone with reasonable intelligence and an open mind that there IS Someone “out there” that can be trusted to accurately tell us what He has done in the past. My unshakable trust in the Bible is based on prophecy which,so far, I haven’t seen anyone on this site that even mentions the word. I have a hard time understanding ‘Why?’.

The Adventists church was founded on prophecy. The church had begun to grow, Ellen and James White were married, and some sort of structure was being formed before they accepted the Sabbath and it was a while after that before it became accepted by all the ‘little flock.’

So I have a hard time understanding why we
pay no attention it now. Of course there always has been–and probably always will be–people whose attitude is, “My mind is made up–don’t try to confusing me with facts!”

I don’t mean to be critical of anyone but, at 87, I’ve “been around the block” a few times and met (and been related to) quite a few folks like that. (Maybe I’ve been guilty of the same thing myself at times!) But the Day IS coming when each and every one of us will have to stand before God’s judgement seat and “give an account” for the way we have lived our lives–whether we like it or not!I believe that time is coming sooner than we think.
According to reputable scientist (yes, there are a lot of them out there) the world will run out of oil in roughly 40 years and to date there is nothing known that can replace it. The world’s whole economy is based on oil (cars, planes, ships, etc) and scientists are working on it but say it will be roughly 40 years before anything comes anywhere close to oil. Meanwhile, some are saying if that doesn’t happen the world will return to small groups of people here and there living in another “horse and buggy” age. All the powerful nations will have disappeared.

Of course. I don’t believe that will happen. Prophecy tells us the USA will play a very important part in the closing events and I believe that.

What this talk tells me is that Jesus will return before things reach the point of the world becoming a bunch of small communities living like folks lived before cars, ships and air planes were invented.

Will He come before the 40 year point arrives–or will He let scientists discover a replacement for it? No one knows for sure but there is a real chance that He will return BEFORE the plus/minus “40 years” are over. Which means His coming could be a lot closer than any of us think. I, for one, hope so!

At any rate. Jesus IS coming back and I believe it is much closer than we even dream of. That’s GOOD NEWS, brothers and sisters. Let’s all be prepared for it!!!


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WASC Reviews LSU’s Accreditation
Sometimes I get a little weary of the “sniping” between many of the folks who post here. While I wholeheartedly agree with those who believe in Creation just as to Bible says, I can’t see that they are making any real impress what so ever on those who believe in evolution. After all, “a person convinced against his (her) will is of the same opinion still!”
We can’t scientifically “prove” creation? (I’m not perfectly sure about that.) But to be 100% positive that they can “prove” evolution isn’t true either no matter how many “scientists” say they can. (Too many “scientists” have had to backtrack on some things they have stated as “hard FACTS” because further research has proven them to be wrong.)
If you think I am all wrong then you haven’t really done your research–you’ve just fallen for what someones (with a lot of degrees behind their name) says and it seems to be the “intelligent” thing to do.
I recommend that you broaden your reading and studying and honestly and carefully research both sides of the question. You just might be surprised to learn of the many respected scientists today who totally reject evolution–and give many solid, scientific reasons for it.
If you want to be intellectually honest you owe it to yourself and those with whom you come in contact to carefully and with an open mind look at both side of the picture. Perhaps there is at least a chance that you aren’t reading the right textbooks or listening to the right tapes. You need to be absolutely certain you know where truth lies–and you can’t do this if you only look at one side of the picture. You’ve never really “grown up” until you’ve learned to think for yourself–and have honestly learned to look at all sides of an issue before deciding what to believe and what to reject.
Get on the internet and go to Creation Miniseries and read some of their books, watch some of their videos–they have a LOT of both
For a starter there are two authors I highly recommend. One is Jonathon Sarfati who has written two books that I have. One is “by Design”, the other (and most recent) is “The Greatest Hoax on Earth”–which is his answer to “The Greatest Show on Earth” by Richard Dawkins. Both are excellent
The other author is a biochemist, Michael J. Behe, who wrote the book, Darwin’s Black Box. He is most famous for introducing “Irreducible Complexity.” This means a single system which is composed of several interacting parts that contribute to it’s basic function, and where the system will not work if a single part is removed. This is demonstrated by a simple mouse trap which was invented by a human mind. Remove only one part of a mouse trap and it will stop working.
Yet we are supposed to believe that our eyes (for example) which are composed of many, many “parts” and function beautifully just came together by blind chance”? Where is our common sense?
I could mention many other authors and their books or articles but if you aren’t convinced by these two I’m afraid
your mind is already made up and you do not wish to be confused with facts. That, of course, is your privilege but I have a feeling that somewhere down the line you will live to regret it.
Another very important argument in favor of taking the Bible literally and believing in it’s accuracy 100% is Prophecy. I don’t know how many prophecies are in the Bible but someone said they make up almost one quarter of it. I can’t verify that but the ones I do know about that have been fulfilled have been fulfilled down to the smallest detail and I have full confidence that the rest will do the same thing.
Anyone who can do that over and over and over again has to be a lot smarter and a lot more powerful and intelligent than all of the human scientists put together who claim evolution as “fact”–especially ones who have had to retract statements of “fact” more than once. My God has never had to retract anything He has ever said!
Choose you this day who you will believe and serve. If human scientist are your gods, follow them but if God be God follow Him. As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord!


WASC Reviews LSU’s Accreditation
When I wrote the above comments I indented each paragraph in order to save space on the column. I was somewhat horrified to see the indentations were not used when it was posted. I hope it makes sense to you readers. (I didn’t notice the option for editing it for some reason)

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Larry, don’t throw out the baby with the bath water. Just get rid of those who teach and and support that which is contrary to the 28 SDA fundamental beliefs.

The reality of creation is the basis of our name
This is a wonderful sermon. Due to problems with my Hope Chanel system I was unable to listen to it so was delighted to see it printed on your website. I was able to make a printed copies of it to share with some friends who also were not able to hear it. Thanks so much!

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A short while back a dear friend sent me an email with lots of beautiful pictures showing a garden (somehow I lost the site) in which every bush had been transformed into a bird, an animal–even a child. It was absolutely magnificent!

As I looked at one of the amazing displays I started wondering what would happen if I was actually in that garden and approached a group of people who were also enjoying the beauty it held. And if after a few moments I said something like this:

“This is so beautiful–and to think Nature did it all on her own! It is truly amazing of what she can do if people will just back off and let her do her own thing.”

What would their reaction have been? (I suspect they would have thought I was somewhat deranged and slowly backed away and left before I became violent!)

Obviously that garden had a lot of very talented hands (and minds) behind all of that beauty and I suspect they were there every day clipping away the stray twigs and leaves that started appearing here and there.)

But is my disbelief in evolution unreasonable, and show my lack of knowledge (as some scientists contend), when I question that this beautiful world just “evolved” from chaos with no intelligent mind behind it? Why can’t we see it happening today? Who turned off the switch? And why?

I’m not a scientist but if this isn’t a case of “The Emperor Has No Clothes” I don’t know what one would be. We are often overwhelmed with the many wonderful and useful things humans have come up with that makes our lives more livable but every new invention or other things ALWAYS have a creative mind behind them. Why is it so difficult to recognize that the wonderful world we live in HAD to have an intelligent mind behind it? What ever happened to common sense?


A New Endowment Program for Adventist Education
So here I sit–a “very old lady”–totally confused and not having a clue as to whether to donate or not–or where to donate if I should.

As things stand now I think I will just continue putting my own little amount to my current “missionary out reach” of buying “Steps to Christ” and “Who Do You Think You Are?” and passing them on to the clerks in the stores where I shop or other people I meet that I think would like them.

If and when you folks decide on what, how and where to help in this very worthy project let me know and I’ll do what I can then.

LSU graduate comments on LSU conflict
When Man’s wisdom–however intelligent it may sound, or how many “letters” there are behind someone’s name (or even a lot of “someones”) that proclaim it–if it contradicts a single plain “Thus saith the Lord” it is NOT “present truth!” however much it may appeal to the liberal minds of millions who may wish an easier way to get to heaven.

I fear we are a long way from being the “people of the Book” we once were! But, guess what!–God knew this would happen and He called the last of the seven churches “Laodicea.” Truly, we are saying, “I am rich…and have need of nothing.” (After all, folks didn’t have the brilliant scientists such as we have today when You told Moses–and even our Adventist pioneers
–You did it is six literal days and rested the seventh!)

I am NOT against true science or scientists! There definitely is a real place for it (and them) and I truly believe it is “God given.” I have a LOT of respect for true science and true scientists but when someone–anyone–goes against a plain “Thus saith the Lord” they lose me. (Not that these folks really care if a very “ignorant”, very “old lady” doesn’t believe them!) But God does and that’s enough for me!

As Bob said–“All have free will. To each his own.” I agree! (But I still tremble for those who believe ideas contrary to what God says–even if it comes from the mouth of a renowned scientist, an “Adventist” teacher or an “Adventist” preacher. (Please forgive me if I have misunderstood or misjudged anyone.)