Thank God for the courage Jay Gallimore and the MI …

Comment on Michigan Conference takes substantial action in LSU conflict by Marilyn Bauer.

Thank God for the courage Jay Gallimore and the MI conference has demonstrated in taking this stand. Many of us have waited, waited, waited for somebody to do something. I have asked within the framework of previous responses, What is the bottom line for dealing with an SDA institution that apostatizes? and altho’ I’ve watched and waited, there has been no reponse or comment. This is the first glimmer of hope and brave action to deal with apostasy within our institutions.

It is a bold and decisive action. Michigan has developed a model for conference action by taking this initiative. I am presently in the Carolina Conference and I pray that my conference will have the courage and judgment to follow the same course.

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Student reveals true intent of LSU’s biology seminar class
I commend Louie Bishop for the straightforward way in which he has presented his case. It is clear that LSU has violated his student rights and furthermore, their public statements regarding this student are not true. How can the legitimate power brokers of this institution stand by and do nothing?

Readers respond to Adventist Review article
It is a sorry and shameful state of affairs that outright heresy is being taught in an SDA educational center, and apparently nothing is being done to bring it to a stop. What is the protocol for removing an SDA institution that no longer is true to its mission? Does a Union have the right to call a constituency meeting to dismiss the administration and/or the teachers and/or close down the entire institution? What happens when a church congregation apostasizes? Where does the bottom-line responsibility lie to maintain fidelity to our Church beliefs? Can local members of the Pacific Union call for a specially-held constituency meeting for the express purpose of bringing about change at the LaSierra campus?

Long years ago, God’s messenger penned these words, “We have more to fear from within than from without.”

I give full credit and support to the AR editors who exposed the true situation at LaSierra. Let us hope it awakens hundreds of parents and students to the reality of the controversy and steers them in the direction of other Adventist schools of higher learning where their faith will not be eroded by heresy in the classroom.