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Comment on CCC apprises leadership of LSU news by Glenn Orin Clifford Stansal.

As I stated on a posting regarding this matter on anther provided site, it seems to me that at least one of the most important issues needing to be addressed is that this institution is claiming to be one of ‘higher learning’. At least I would imagine this is the case. It behooves LSU, then, to follow a mandate of true ‘academic freedom’, regarding what is presented to students; that is, that all courses be taught in an impartial manner, and that the choice of what to believe is left to the student, based upon personal conviction and research. It would seem to me to be professional incompetence, or at least abrogation of duty, to promote one philosophy or ‘explanation’ of our origins as the professor’s personal pick, while then making a mere pretension of the statement that BOTH choices are being presented impartially. The appropriate facility for the promotion of one of these ‘explanations’ would be the campus church (assuming there is one on campus), and, for the other explanation, an off-campus forum for discussion or promotion.

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The REAL problem (and inevitable outcome) in all this supposedly ‘harmless airing’ of this new philosophy and many other alternative viewpoints on such lofty themes, would be in what has obviously happened: the setting aside of the biblical accounts as merely one of many POSSIBLE explanations of origins. At risk of sounding biased, or even narrowly viewpointed, I will unequivocally state, here and now, that, unless one is thoroughly read and completely ‘educated’ as to what the Holy Word is really saying and really worth, one can NEVER be ready to realize what these many alternative viewpoints are: utter nonsense and trash, and cleverly-devised and demonically-inspired fables!

Readers respond to Adventist Review article
Interestingly enough, Warren Trenchard is a former employee of Canadian University College. Randall Wisbey was, for a time, the President of the place, until he was ‘run out of town’ by pressure, not only from within the board and constituency, thank goodness, but by the Town of Lacombe, for attempting to pull of some sort of personal coup, by having the entire campus relocated to Calgary. Lacombe, having benefitted by the presence of this campus within the confines of their town for over a century, were, to say the least, furious!

Readers respond to Adventist Review article
This situation is not in any way unique to LSU. Within the confines of the campus of Canadian University College, Lacombe, Alberta Canada, there were, and perhaps still are, those on staff who promote not only evolutionary philosophy but agnosticism and at least borderline atheism. My own dear brother is now at best an agnostic, and no longer has anything to do with Adventism, after his exposure to classes there during the ’90’s. They not only strongly promoted the reading of such authors as Northrop Frye, but the writings of Richard Dawkins, and others. The authenticity of the biblical accounts were regularly called into doubt by suggestion, if not out and out promulgation by some professors, of such ideas as that which promotes the thought that the miracles of the Bible have plausible and non-miraculous ‘explanations’ (the showdown on Mount Carmel, for example, was, in one class, ‘explained’ by the proximity of a methane gas deposit, which was ‘conveniently’ touched off by lightning the day of the demonstration of God’s mighty power in consuming not only the sacrifice but the stones composing the alter which Elijah had erected on that monumental occasion). The idea that many of the biblical accounts have a ‘legendary’ tone and character is exampled by the suggestion that such facts as the description of the giant, Goliath, has been greatly exaggerated, the better to emphasize the power of God working through young David. I long ago ceased to put any faith in the Adventist education system, per se, due to such things as these and many, many others. It has become a den of iniquity run by power honchos often backed by more than a few self-serving board members who, running on the ‘Peter Principle’ of the sixties, manage to ingratiate their way to the top and gradually push out many or most of those around them of the old school thinking who are honestly trying not only to maintain a high standard of academic freedom and excellence, but who truly teach the truth for this time.

Video show LSU undermining church doctrine
QUESTION:…no, wait a moment here…let me rephrase that just a little…VALID question: Precisely WHAT does Warren Trenchard have to fear from having the video of his lecture posted on this website??? Does he somehow perceive some sort of threat to his tenure or pedagogical credibility??? Is it that he fears being missrepresented??? In what WAY??? Would there not be even greater danger of missrepresentation, Mr. Trenchard, now that you have denied us the opportunity to HEAR your own words, and having now to limit ourselves to QUOTES (by OTHERS, who may or may not agree with you) from your lecture, which may or may not be accurate??? Please have the courage and courtesy to reply DIRECTLY to this, Mr.Trenchard, and retrieve whatever may now be left of that very credibility which you seem so determined to protect…

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Most heartwarming, Bob, to have someone say to me what you just did! Thank-you, from the DEPTHS of both our hearts, for your inclusion of us on your prayer list! I will never forget it. And may God bless all of YOU on this website as you struggle to deal with these difficult and perplexing issues.

I have always taken encouragement from a statement given in the Sabbath School lesson quarterly of many, many years ago, back before my first wife and our seventeen-month-old son were run down by an impaired driver and killed, (without a doubt, one of the WORST things I EVER faced!), WHATEVER perplexes US, is of note and concern to God…for it was, after all, GOD who so loved the world that HE gave His only begotten Son, that WHOSEVER believeth on Him, Should not perish but have everlasting life–and THAT, I have always understood, and despite WHATEVER I now regret having done, includes ME…praise Him forever. God bless you, Bob, ALWAYS…