Who should take the new bivalent vaccine booster?

I haven’t posted in a while about COVID-19 or the vaccines against it.  This is because of the fact that most people have been exposed to COVID-19 one way or another – either via vaccine or via infection.  Also, the latest omicron variants, while highly infectious, are less virulent than previous variants.  The overall effect is that the significant majority of people in this country now have some sort of useful immunity to COVID-19, resulting in a significant reduction in hospitalization/death rates – for those who are vaccinated as well as for those who are unvaccinated (Link).

Why then would anyone need to take the latest bivalent vaccine booster shots against COVID-19 (original and the latest omicron variant)?  Well, the answer to that question is much less clear than it was before omicron became prominent.

Dr. Roger Seheult, a well-known pulmonologist in S. California (and a COVID-19 expert) has put out a new video on this topic that is very helpful. In short, the primary benefit for the bivalent booster vaccines (Pfizer or Moderna) seems to be for those who are elderly or have medical conditions that weaken their immunity.



Bio of Dr. Sean Pitman

Dr. Sean Pitman is a pathologist, with subspecialties in anatomic, clinical, and hematopathology, currently working in N. California.

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