They should just stop teaching Biology at LSU. That way …

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They should just stop teaching Biology at LSU. That way none of the student will ever hear of evolution.That is until they come out of the bible college bubble and enter the real world.

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You need to put serious ideas in your post – something that shows that you place enough thought into your ideas to be taken seriously.

At the very least you should make some effort in that direction.

Bob the thoughts and messages in my previous post is clear as day and if you can’t see that perhaps that is why you do not have the capability to understand science. You guys knowingly or unknowingly are putting God vs Science when that is absolutely false.God gave us a brain not only to read the Bible but also to learn and discover the amazing World he has created.Science is the tool we use to discover those mysteries.


Wow!Where do I start?

Have you any real idea what the SDA church stands for?Do you understand the stated beliefs of the SDA church?Do you even care?What exactly do you consider fundamentalism?It isn’t like SDAs have some sort of holy war on–we don’t go out on suicide missions or anything–if that’s what you’re thinking.

You do realize that if it hadn’t been for the hard work and sacrifice of the SDA church, LSU wouldn’t even exist? It is the right of our church to teach SDA principles in our own schools.If you don’t agree with the tennets of the SDA church, you are free to go elsewhere for whatever education you need.Are you aware that we don’t worship education, we worship God?

How very sad for you–respecting cheating and lying and undermining employers.Those aren’t qualities I particularly admire.

And referring to the call for truth in education as “bs” shows that you have no respect for the SDA church or its principles.Apparently you share this attitude with the Dr. Bradley you so ardently admire.I understand you speak the same language.

By the way, people who think evolution is junk science are what is known as right–just so you know.

Faith I tell you what I believe in. I believe in God, Jesus, and the holyspirit and there is nothing in this World that could change my mind about it.
If you don’t know what fundamentalism means here is a description for you:
Fundamentalism is strict adherence to specific theological doctrines typically in reaction against the theology of Modernism.
Thankfully people do not blow themselves up here to wage holy war but they do that cowardly act by making websites that launches attacks on scientists, professors, and anyone who does not agree with them.
I agree with you that LSU exists because of hard work of many SDA members and you guys on this ridiculous website have picked up your swords to destroy the university they worked hard for. If the accreditation of LSU is taken away, its diplomas won’t be worth the paper they are printed on. Just in case you were not aware of that.
And on your personal attack on Dr.Bradly I must say he is a very smart and brave man who had the courage to stand up to the lunatic wolves knowing that the fanatic morons will attempt any and every dirty trick they can to make him stop teaching BIOLOGY without censorship. That deserves much much respect.
Cheating and lying is the work of people who run this website. Not those who try to teach Biology to students who are registered to learn BIOLOGY.Everyone knows you had it out for Bradly and you achieved your evil purpose through the lowest and dirtiest type of way.

I absolutely think that teaching of the SDA principles in LSU should happen. I am all for it. But to teach it in Biology class is not okay. To censor scientific proof is not okay. To threaten and launch personal attacks on Biology faculty is not okay.

What is happening on this website so unlike Christ and if you really do believe in Christ just know that one day you will have to answer for the damage that your ignorant actions and words have caused. Pretending to have been defending Christianity then will bear you even more punishment because using religion as an instrument to do harm to others is one of the biggest sins.

I also strongly suggest you update your dictionary because apparently the meaning of ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ has been switched in your medieval vocabulary.

I pray to God that he gives you wisdom and to open your eyes.

In Christ

My Goal for La Sierra University
The ignorance of people like sean hild or others like him has no bounds. This website promotes nothing but fundamentalism and extremism while its authors pretend like they are defending SDA beliefs. This is something that extremists of any religous background do. They try to use peoples beliefs to promote their own dirty agenda. This website is a shame to SDA community.
If dumb people who run this website had their way LSU would be nothing more than a very expensive bible school with no accreditation. No SDA family with enough brain cells would want to send their children to such a school.
LSU is first and foremost an academic institution and it is affiliated with SDA church who provides 1/10th of its funding. That does not mean however that the church can use the university an instrument to brain wash people. All LSU students take atleast one year of religion courses where they study the bible. If the students are to read the Bible in biology class why not ask the religion professors to take over teaching biology as well? or perhaps it would be better to not teach biology at all.
I have a great deal of respect for biology professors in LSU because they have to deal with the bs from ignorant people like sean hild.
With no doubt Dr.Bradly was one of the best and most experienced, knowlegable, and dedicated professors in LSU and most of LSU biology students are proud of him for standing up to ignorant jackals like sean hilde & will miss him dearly.
People who think they understand everything in this world and think that evolution is ‘junk science’ are the same type of people who thought the Earth was the center of the Universe during Galileo’s time.