Ron: There is a fifth option. Believe that the Bible …

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Ron: There is a fifth option. Believe that the Bible is the word of God, but that it was not meant to be understood as a rule book, but as a case study. Maybe we are supposed to read it and think about it, and maybe even disagree with it. You know, argue with God, like Abraham did before Sodom and Moses did before Israel, and Mary did at the wedding. Maybe like Job we are supposed to be honest and complain when God is abusive toward us. Maybe there is supposed to come a time when we no longer kill people who pick up sticks on the Sabbath. Maybe there comes a time when marrying you sister is incest, taking a second wife is bigamy, and tying your child up and threatening to kill him because you hear God telling you to is insanity and abuse. Maybe we are supposed to read these stories, and realize how horrible some ideas of righteousness are and change our “fundamental beliefs” (to quote Mrs. White.)

Are you stating that the bible is a book we should read and decide which rules and laws we think we should follow and ignore the rest? Do adventist believe this? I am a fourth generation SDA, and I’ve never heard anyone say such a thing.

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The Reptile King
For the record, 1) I am NOT a theistic evolutionist nor have I ever suggested it to be “the true model of origins.” 2) I have NEVER suggested anything like the view that conservative Adventists (of whom I coun myself) are “the type that fly planes into buildings.” (Hopefully that denial will make less “scary” the fact that I have been the president of an Adventist institution.)3)

Dr. Geraty, I am not scared of what you claim you believe but more concerned of the legacy you have left at La Sierra!

Also, you haven’t addressed your public support of gay marriage, for which you were so willing to present on videos I have seen.

Your lack of support of our adventist doctrines should be a concern to all bible-believing adventists. How did you ever get appointed or elected to run one of our educational institutions?

The Reptile King
Greg, Thank you for your honest information. I’ve never been to Tennessee, but I have a relative that may go to school either at Southern Adventist or Univ. of Tenn.

The Reptile King
Greg, One more question, if you don’t mind. Do most biology majors at Southern want to become medical doctors? I know several people who have attended PUC and they say most biology students are premed, predental, etc. Not all get into those schools, but evidently most are trying.

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