Grew up SDA and from the time I could think …

Comment on Louie Bishop Testifies, Again, about His Experience at La Sierra University by Nadia.

Grew up SDA and from the time I could think for myself, I have had my questions about the Bible’s interpretation of creation. It has and still sounds as silly as the time we thought we could fall off the edge of the earth.

I have had friends in medical school who say that they literally have to put on their veil of ignorance when it comes to the things being taught in school and what they were taught at home and church because if they allow themselves to consider the fact that Darwinism may be just a teeny weensy bit more plausible than Theistic evolution, they would have to reject everything they were ever taught.

As humans, once we make a commitment for something, we will cling to that promise and even invent explanations for supporting those beliefs if only not to feel like the boobs we are for adopting those beliefs in the first place. What happened to the dinosaurs? They were placed here to test our faith? Really?

Scientists are working on re-creating a mini big bang theory. Let’s see what my Christian family will come up with to deny that truth.