“I believe that there is scientific evidence for the Noachian …

Comment on La Sierra Academy students weigh in on creation/evolution debate by lyndon roque.

“I believe that there is scientific evidence for the Noachian Flood but none for a special creation lasting exactly six days and God resting on the seventh day. Where is the evidence that even a respectable minority of Adventist scientists believe that there is scientific evidence for the creation week”
I am sadden by your mental orientation my friend, dear one do not turn the argument up side down, do not commit a tricky error called logical fallacy. Aren’t we after all Seventh-Day Adventist christian, a Bible believing organisation, we believe in the veracity, and historical authenticity and authority of the Scripture as penned by the great men of old through the guidance and inspiration of Jesus Christ (by the way everybody called it special revelation). keeping that in the very outset, God had spoken of “that He had created so and so” therefore we just have to take Him at His word. Thus the burden of prof relies on the evolutionist. it is illogical for us to ask from God “please give us scientific evidence to prove that you have really created the natural world and further more that you have done so in the literal six 24 hour-days period. it doesn’t make sense at all. The burden of proof lies on those who who say that the the causes of the universe is itself the universe and it done so in millions of millions of years.

It is acceptable and totally at norm if we don’t provide evidence of the six day creation week here is why. One cannot say that i have a glorious theory and suddenly called it fact and he then ask you if you have a problem with his facts you go find and present some kind of evidence showing he was wrong with his so called facts.

History is deferent from science and the creation account is history indeed. This is the also the point of CS Lewes you cannot ask George W. Bush to rebattle the same Iraq war so one could peak his curiosity weather the war really existed or it might be won in shorter period of time.

Most of the great scientist of old and even of today, they never could have been motivated to explore and and find about the truth if they started from the very outset of nothingness disorder chances and chaos. God Said there is order and design out there so the scientist set out to discover those beauty that God has been telling us about. Why do you want to look for order when what you are really looking for is chances and chaos? Why would you use the principles of science “something that can be repeated many times or all the time, and something that can be observed, when the fact is evolution itself cannot be observed? i mean no one has seen a monkey bears banana and a banana bears a monkey or a mother gives birth to a monkey and vice versa.

Studying the Creation account of Genesis Chapter 1 and 2 alone gives enough if not infinite source of scientific information/evidence. literal days evidence- the word use as first day second days and so on is literal 24 hour day period and was kept consistent by the Lord in dealing with the later dating and the sabbath which is in the ten commandments and by the way was kept promptly by Jesus in the New Testament. Assuming that our readers is familiar with the first book of the Bible-Genesis . In the third day God caused the land to appear from the water and then he caused the vegetation to appear, take note that if in the next 24 hours God didn’t cause the sun to appear the vegetation could not have survived (this is scientific evidence by the way), like what the evolutionist has said it take multiple years for the creation to be finished this second evidence is insurmountable obstacle for them. many more could be presented here, but i believed i have demonstrated my point clearly.

Therefore in conclusion, instead of shedding doubt on the greatness of God and accusing Him of not showing more evidence, as a result those who doubt had caused some of our brethren particularly the young ones to stumble, why don’t we open our eyes to the abundant scientific evidence and see and let everyone see the wonders of God’s creative power and creations. Furthermore encouraged our leaders to take action and get rid our universities of this dismal teaching. It is time that everyone sees the two rogues are weaving nothing.