Ladies and gentlemen, I am one of the students who made …

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Ladies and gentlemen,
I am one of the students who made this video at LSA. The assignment was for a religion class (the teacher will remain unnamed) to describe to fellow students why evolution is so attractive to the general audience. The video played before our presentation to the class and was a satire of the classic Mac Vs. Pc videos popular on TV. The video was showing the easy to which people choose evolution over creation. Meaning that just like the Mac Vs. Pc commercial there is no thought process in the choice so to speak but a presentation of the facts to which someone picks either side. LSA is a creation believing school and was taught to students, reflecting the beliefs and viewpoints of the SDA church. After attending LSA, I am now attending LSU, which shares the same set of beliefs that LSA does. The only difference is that creation and evolution is presented equally throughout the school.

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La Sierra Academy students weigh in on creation/evolution debate

@Jordan Blackwelder: No, when creationism is relegated to only religion classes, while being negated both in science and religion classes, then it is not an equal or balanced presentation.I for a fact that not all the religion professors at LSU endorse a literal six day creation in the recent past. The dean of the school of religion doesn’t even believe the biblical account of creation. I’m sure he believes in a creator God, but not one who did it recently and in six days.The university claims to endorse the church’s position, but yet employs professors who do not. Thus someone wanting and Adventist world view taught in the science classes cannot get what they’re paying for. You’re right though they should go somewhere else. But if LSU can’t maintain support of the church, than it should go its separate way.  

@Shane Hilde:
I still don’t believe you understand what I’m trying to say about equal representation within the school.
In a sense I am glad that not all of the religion teachers (or any teacher at LSU for that matter) believe in the same exact things. How would that get students to go and find the truth for themselves if they are force fed what the SDA church believes. This is the college level where students should be allowed to question and be challenged by new thoughts and ideas while still being protected within the realm of christian morals and ethics. By not allowing students to ask questions and search for truth themselves how does one gain knowledge and grow as an individual? The process of hearing something that doesn’t match up with what you believe drives you as a student to see what the differences are, thus making the student wiser. The science professors never say in their class that, “this is what you should believe and creationist ideas are completely wrong” instead they present the material (which students need to know if they wish to do anything within the field of science) and say “this may not be what you believe but you must make your own opinion on it.” If you cannot see that the diversity within LSU is a good thing than you have completely lost sense of true religion, and it is the unity within the diversity thats separates this college from any other. True religion is an acceptance of everyones thoughts and ideas, however wrong they may be. The minute you can accept that, the discontent you have with LSU will fall away.

La Sierra Academy students weigh in on creation/evolution debate

Unless you can show proof to the contrary, I strongly disagree that LSU presents creation and evolution equally. There is not one known science class at LSU that endorses a recent creation.  

Look at exactly what I said in my statement, I said quote “the only difference is that creation and evolution is presented equally throughout the school.” Meaning I did not say that I was talking only about the science department, but as a school as a whole. There are classes within the science department that do teach evolution, and then there is the religion department which teaches a recent creation. So it can be said that there is an equal balance of creation and evolution ideas. If one does not like the views shared in the science department, and cannot accept some of the facts presented, than the department is not for you and there are plenty other classes that you can take at LSU.