Very interesting document. I’ll have to share this with …

Comment on GC document holds LSU professors accountable by Sean Pitman.

Very interesting document. I’ll have to share this with my local pastor and with my E-mail list…

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GC document holds LSU professors accountable

News Item of Interest

A math teacher who said in an online survey that she did not believe in God has been fired by an Iowa Catholic school after her views were discovered on her Facebook profile and after officials found she had posted a comment at an atheist website.

Last August the teacher, 27-year-old Abby Nurre, who had just been hired to teach eight-grade math at St. Edmond School in Fort Dodge, checked “no” in a Facebook survey about whether she believed in God, heaven and angels. Then in November she posted a link to a news article about federal funding of research on prayer in an online discussion forum run by atheists.

In December, five weeks after that posting, a student brought printouts of the websites to school officials, and Nurre was fired. The Catholic school, backed by the bishops of Iowa, also sought to deny Nurre unemployment benefits, which prompted a court hearing that concluded in her favor this week. She will still not be able to return to St. Edmond School, however.

“Each one of our teachers signs a contract when they are hired and one of the first things on the contract is the condition that they have to uphold our faith and teachings,” Kristie Arlt, director of communication for the Diocese of Sioux City, which covers Fort Dodge, told Politics Daily. Arlt said it did not matter that she taught math and not religion or a subject directly related to faith or morals.

“We have wonderful teachers who are not Catholics — some are Lutherans — but they cannot willingly and publicly take a stand against the Catholic faith. So this should not have been a surprise to her [Nurre].”…

“There were printouts of the Facebook page and of that Nexus group that the kids actually had,” he said. “When students in a Catholic school are running around the school with this survey and it says, ‘Do you believe in God?’ and it says, ‘No,’ well, that’s in conflict with what we are teaching.”

The Week, June 11, 2010, p. 6

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Dr. Aseem Malhotra: From Pro-Vax to Anti-Vax
Freedom of choice and being opposed to vaccines are two different issues. The fact is that Dr. Malhotra is strongly opposed to the mRNA vaccines against COVID-19, claiming that they are far more harmful than beneficial. That clearly makes him anti-vax. He’s not just arguing for personal freedom here, he’s directly arguing against the vaccine itself as being dangerous since he claims that it caused his own father’s heart attack. The problem is that the weight of scientific evidence doesn’t support Malhotra’s anti-vax claims.

Now, I’m happy to support your personal freedom to believe and do whatever you want to believe and do – as long as it does not substantially increase the risk of those around you. However, when it comes to spreading falsehoods and outright lies against the mRNA vaccines, I’m going to speak out against that and call it what it is – sensational nonsense being spread by those who are opposed to vaccines based on nothing more substantive than personal emotions. That’s just not a good basis for determining “standard of care” for medical practice.

Dr. Walter Veith and the anti-vaccine arguments of Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche
Natural immunity is great! In fact, natural immunity alone prevents approximately 10% of the population from becoming ill from all of the variants of COVID-19. The problem is that for a great many people, especially people older than 50, natural immunity just isn’t enough to prevent serious sickness and even death. The claim that the mRNA vaccines make people “more susceptible” simply isn’t true. While one can still get infected after vaccination, mRNA vaccines have clearly proven their ability to dramatically reduce the risks of serious illness from infection with a dramatic reduction in the rate or percentage of those who are vaccinated being hospitalized or dying (compared to those who are not vaccinated). Also, those who are vaccinated suffer much less severe long-term effects from infection.

In short, the overall risks of getting infected by COVID-19 are significantly greater, regarding any type of serious risk, as compared to getting vaccinated with the mRNA vaccines against COVID-19 – and these benefits of vaccination become greater and greater with age since natural immunity naturally declines with age.

Dr. Aseem Malhotra: From Pro-Vax to Anti-Vax
The strong anti-vaxx stance of many Adventists has been a big surprise to me as well! I just don’t get it. We’re supposed to be strong supporters of good cutting-edge advances in medical science…

Dr. Aseem Malhotra: From Pro-Vax to Anti-Vax
I think it’s even less common than that. However, when my boys were vaccinated, we did have the techs pull back on the syringe both times (Link). Myocarditis occurs about twice after every 100,000 injections. On top of that, research shows it’s typically mild and resolves quickly (Link).

Dr. Aseem Malhotra: From Pro-Vax to Anti-Vax
Maybe rarely…