It is always unfortunate that so much discussion of evolution …

Comment on Famous Evangelical Scholar Resigns Over Evolution by Ide Trotter, Ph.D..

It is always unfortunate that so much discussion of evolution proceeds with no clear understanding of which definition of evolution is being discussed. Unfortunately Prof. Waltke has chosen to align with BioLogos’ unapologetically Theistic Evolution interpretation that is difficult to distinguish from the science establishment’s Naturalistic Evolution.

One must agree with Prof Waltke that confrontation with the science establishment runs the risk of getting branded a cult. But the science establishment strives hardest to conflate critics of overarching evolution with Young Earth Creationism that is much easier to brand as a cult.

This was recurrant before the Texas Board of Education in an effort to retain unqualified evolutionary indoctrination rather than scientific education in biology textbooks. Evolutionists use ad hominem argument because scientific support for overarching evolution is crumbling as fast as acceptance of many Intelligent Design arguments, particularly regarding the origin of life, is growing.

It is regrettable that Prof. Waltke suffered for taking the declining, naturalistic side in the scientific argument. Supporting BioLogos’ vigorous advocacy of Theistic Evolution also joins Prof. Waltke to virulent attacks on Intelligent Design. Even if Prof. Waltke doesn’t regret stirring up controversy over an important issue one could wish he hadn’t missed the truly critical issue, Young Earth Creationism.