LSU is a great institution. Maybe those who are …

Comment on La Sierra University Continues Deceptive Spin Tactics by WM.

LSU is a great institution. Maybe those who are corrupting the student(s), and board members to do their dirty work in leaking confidential information should be scorned; as oppossed to an institution that is bettering the church by ensuring an educated congregation. A congregation that can support the church for future generations. If LSU becomes a “bible college” how is that furthering the church’s mission? If everyone’s a pastor who’s tithing?

Further, the polarization of the issue and personal attacks are inappropriate. You can’t use God as a backstop for your arguments – I think he may remember that on judgment day.

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Elder Graham: “Why I Support La Sierra University”
Wow! Awfully one-sided here. Does anyone here truly belive LSU has some master-plan to change the church? If you do I have a great pice of land to sell you – 400 acre ranch in Wyoming! This attack on LSU was clearly a tactic to get an ultra-conservative to preside over the world church – following the trend we see in the republican party on a national level.

What Louie Bishop has done was tremendously un-christian. Moreover, those that use him as a puppet will have to answer to God – my supposition is that He is none too happy with those folks. They are ruining people’s lives (both students and employees of LSU). The students they proport to be “protecting” are being negatively effected in that, LSU has to thwart false claims in the stead of focusing on producing an educated base for the future of the chuch as a whole.

Fundamentalism doesn’t equate to truth; look at fundamentalist in the Mormon church. However, open and mutually respected conversation will lead us closer to the Truth.