Praise God that Pastor Jerry Page has taken a stand …

Comment on CCC Requests “Decisive and Conclusive Resolution” from LSU by Norm Allred.

Praise God that Pastor Jerry Page has taken a stand with CCC executive committee! Just want to encourage the leadership in Central California Conference to move forward with their action. It is my belief that LSU has had ample time to respond. Rebellion against Biblical truth must be met with firm action with a loving approach. Discipline is never easy to administer but the walls need to be restored. Our young people have a tough road to travel and need all the encouragement and support to uphold the pillars of our faith. They also need to be taught to live the lives that will be a true witness to the world. The scientific world needs such men and women of faith!
Will be continuing to lift our educational institutions in prayer! We need men of courage to clean things up in our schools to honor our God.

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Board requests progress reports from LSU administration
What is accomplished when men fail to stand for God? If truth without love is the approach used, then this is not God’s plan. However, when there is overwhelming evidence that educated men and women who are working for the church or it’s institutions are ignoring loving, firm direction there should not be any hesitation on the part of the Board of Directors or those in leadership positions to remove those that are not following directives from the authority over them. If there is non-compliance from the University President or a teacher then that person should be properly disciplined and/or discharged. What is wrong with a good house cleaning? Tenure should not be an obstacle for removing a non-cooperative personality, if necessary. Also intellectual snobbery, and being above counsel should never be tolerated in the work place, especially in our institutions of higher learning. God can’t be pleased with a fearful response to obvious error! As Seventh-day Adventist leaders are faced with these tough situations that pertain to basic Biblical truths such as creation, theistic evolution or evolution in any form, it is important to avoid a knee jerk response – but action is required. If action is not taken then games are being played. God wants men of action – not puppets. Our young people deserve to be trained to be God’s men and women, never should they be immersed in error which is being presented as truth. If we don’t have young men and women properly trained how can Jesus coming be hastened?