Adventist in High School, As a youth, I liked it when …

Comment on CCC Requests “Decisive and Conclusive Resolution” from LSU by Victoria Smith.

Adventist in High School,

As a youth, I liked it when people are polite and “likeable”. However, I also learned through trial and error that nice people aren’t always nice when you begin to question the information they espouse and/or their authority. As a parent of a high school youth, I too felt the “rub” when I read some responses on this site. Youth may not have the answers we do because of experience but their asking questions and stating what happened to them should not be ignored or belittled.

I believe that you and others in your age group will be the deciding factor when this is all said and done. Yes, we adults can make decisions regarding subsidies and resolutions but you will be the ones most affected by the decisions. I encourage you to learn more about this issue and remember that one “department” does affect the whole.

As a youth, you have experienced how one friend who wants to do something wrong, can affect the entire group. The rest of you may decide not to participate but his/her decision to continue in the wrong does affect your friendship.

The same theory applies here. If the biology department is teaching creation incorrectly, then the theology department must change its stance on Genesis to coincide with the biology curriculum. These two departments are really the foundation of our schools (elementary, secondary and university) and if their curriculum is not in harmony with the Bible, then the entire system is unable to effectively support our beliefs and teach our students.

If I accept the Earth was not created in 6 literal days as stated in Genesis, then how can I trust (accept via faith) the rest of the Bible as being the authentic Word of God in other areas: Sabbath, marriage, death, resurrection, prophecy, 2nd coming.

During their formative years, my husband and I repeatedly told our children that if you lie to us from the beginning, it will be difficult (if not impossible) for us to trust you down the road. A foundation built on lies will not hold much weight for someone who is seeking truth. It has been a difficult road at time (for partial truths can more so much more appealing) but they are beginning to see the wisdom behind “the whole truth and nothing but the truth”.

If the beginning of the Book cannot be taken at face value, then how do I trust the rest of the book?

Investigate this issue for yourself. Talk to your parents, mentor, friends, local pastor, and conference leader. Ask your church to hold a special AY so the YOUTH can ask questions regarding this matter. Your salvation is yours to work out. Let no one deceive, discourage or sidetrack you regarding this matter (discussing youth vs. adult; young vs. old). Seek the truth/kingdom of heaven first and all other side matters will be taken care of by God.

I agree that sometimes we adults have a way of ignoring the youth and their quest for knowledge. Unfortunately, there are times when we belittle the questions you ask forgetting that we too were in our position. Please don’t be like us. Don’t judge us because we are old and may have forgotten how it feels to seek truth and wisdom. Instead use this information as a catalyst for seeking more info.

Hope this helps. If it didn’t, please let me know.