And AMEN !! Eric. …

Comment on CCC Requests “Decisive and Conclusive Resolution” from LSU by Nanci Williams.

And AMEN !! Eric.

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CCC Requests “Decisive and Conclusive Resolution” from LSU
Dear “Adventist in High School”,

Congratulations on your attendence to the GC ! But what you might be to young to understand, is that the “love” that you felt at the LSU booth is all “new age Adventisim”, meaning, w/all the younger-& some, not so young!-ministers using the NLP on their members, teaching that all we have to do is “love everybody & everything will be ok, & you’ll get to Heaven”, false hoods that we must be carefull of as that just isn’t the “all” of it. Yes, you must do all in love, but you must also teach the whole of the Bible, which at times will cause some discomfort.

If you have no guilt, why would you feel “judged” ??

Regards taking away subsidy, sometimes that is the ONLY “language” some Adventists know !! If other monies are withheld, the powers that be are more likely to wake up & move on this problem. As far as I can see, the president of LSU needs to be the first one to go, & then his board & erring profs !! And SHAME on Brother Graham’s stand on this [as] espoused in the Recorder !! How can he [say such things] in a church paper & get by w/it ?? I don’t care what he believes, I just don’t want it in my face. He needs to be removed from that publication also.

Nanci Williams

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& where does the “new” president weight in on all this ????

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@Sean Pitman: Sean,”there will be a lot of people in heaven who never knew about the Sabbath”,,,,are you KIDDING me ?? Have you not read the Bible or the Spirit of Prophecy ?? When I read it, it tells me EVERY PERSON shall have heard & had the chance to accept or reject the Sabbath befor Christ’s return !! I think you’d better re study this issue ! In His Love, Nanci

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Ok, so the reaffirming of #6 has been done. BIG DEAL !! Do you REALLY think that it is going to change any thing ?? These people are too arogannt to care !! Just look at what DIDN’T happen at WWC. Until we get rid of the “suits” in charge, there’ll be no change. UNLESS some parents & supporter’s start speaking w/their money !! But do they have the courage to do so ??

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Amen to Dr. Urrutia & Lydian.

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@Bill Sorensen: This is a prime example of the “NLP” garbage that our confeances are requiring our pastors to be preaching now !!