Sailasa Nailava: Amen. If we know that “the bridge is …

Comment on CCC Requests “Decisive and Conclusive Resolution” from LSU by Dorothy Skadsheim.

Sailasa Nailava: Amen. If we know that “the bridge is out”, and do not warn the oncoming “trains”, we are guilty of all the the lost and damaged people in the inevitable “trainwrecks” of faith. Which is more valuable, the hope that one teacher may be reclaimed some years from now, if time lasts, or 1,000 + students whose souls could be lost in the mean time? Counteracting the influence of non-believing teachers in our schools could even be a means of reclaiming the teachers and the students if done in a credible way.

One of my nurse’s aides told me once that when her children went to an SDA school their guard was down, and she had more problems with them than when they went to public schools, and their guard was up. For instance, my biggest problem at the University of Southern California graduate school was not in the teachers there, but in an SDA University leader (that I had hoped might employ me when I graduated) who was an advanced student there then and ridiculed my Christian standards to my face. He was intimidating, but I did not “fold”. I just did not apply there. When I was required to review a controversial book at USC, I wrote against Situation Ethics by Joseph Fletcher, and I did such a good job that my secular professor accepted it. At least he was tolerant of my well-stated moral ideals, even though he did not espouse them. However, I suspect that other SDAs did not uphold their standards at USC.

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Ravi Zacharias: Should Church Members be Held to a Higher Standard?
What is morally wrong is undermining people’s faith in the Ten Commandments as well as the rest of the Bible by ridiculing Genesis 1-11, Exodus 20:8-11, and Christ’s words and example, and trying to force their students to lie, and to violate their consciences in other ways on pain of getting a bad grade or being expelled from school. It is also wrong to claim that they are teaching Seventh-day Adventism when they are undermining the Bible. Those who continue to do so would not be comfortable in heaven and in the new earth. They would be constantly ridiculing Jesus Christ and the saints in person if allowed in. God will hold them responsible for the loss of eternal lives that they have engendered.

Educate Truth’s purpose and goals
Shane Hilde: I appreciate your statement. I did not know that you had gone to La Sierra, and experienced those problems. I am proud of you for finally getting up the courage of your convictions. To me, it takes much more faith to believe in evolution than to believe in fiat creation. Since no one was there at the first creation, no one can be a first-hand witness, though Robert V Gentry’s discovery of Polonium Halos is very convincing to me. There certainly are many evidences of a world-wide flood, such as marine life at the top of Mount Everest. (Yes, I know that Mount Everest may not always have been that high, but I can not see how it could have been below ordinary sea level.) I am looking forward to seeing earth re-created after the millenium. I could not live with myself if I believed and was teaching contrary to the fundamental beliefs of my hiring organization. I would have to resign. (There is still plenty of room for mentally and spiritually stimulating discussion.)

Adventist Review examines LSU conflict
RE: “Richard Sherwin says:
March 31, 2010 Another area of concern I have is in regards to dancing. We were counseled that we should not do it, but we as a church have become very good at it. We dance around facts, we dance around truth and we dance with the Devil when we allow evolution to be taught as fact and truth. May the Adventist Review have the courage to be an advocate for stopping the dance.” & Sean Pitman’s “. . . LSU is actually threatening Louie with many different things – to include expulsion from LSU, permanent negative comments on his transcript, negative comments on letters of recommendation, etc. . .”
I am delighted that Louie Bishop and David Ascherick care enough about their own eternal salvation, and that of their readers and audiences to confront in love. But at least the Review has said something. Anyone who thinks that the only problem is La Sierra University has their head in the proverbial sand.
Sad to say, there is not only figurative dancing going on in our church. I had no ride to church on 03-13-2010, and I invited a non-baptized friend over to watch Doug Batchelor, Kenneth Cox, Dale Leaman, Lyle Albrecht and Stephen Bohr I believe on 3ABN. At 9:30 AM a live special: “A Place of Healing” by the Central American Division of SDA interrupted with live dancing by middle-aged men and women on the platform, and what looked like some of them bowing down to an idol of an angel! My guest left in horror. I would like to know how this blasphemy is being handled by the GC, the Interamerican Division and 3ABN, etc. (I e-mailed 3ABN, who probably did not know what was planned, but could have had a mechanism to take it off the air, and a way to counter it, as they have done with the Evolution problem with several great programs and Stan Hudson’s reasoned series In the Beginning. I hope they will have more insights. If they have had new programs on true and false manifestations of the Holy Spirit, and idolatry, I have missed them. Hal Steenson’s fine on-going Heaven’s Point of View is peripheral, but not really on this new target.)