Eddie: Bill Sorensen: And I might add, Ken, by way …

Comment on Supreme Court Decision on Church Employment Case by Holly Pham.

Eddie: Bill Sorensen: And I might add, Ken, by way of a warning, there will be no agnostics in heaven.

Are the atheists and agnostics going to be changed in the twinkling of an eye? They will then believe?

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Supreme Court Decision on Church Employment Case

Mack&#032Ramsy: (by the way if evolution is a conspiracy directed by Satan than it is a vast, vast act of creation nearly equal in scale and cope to the creator’s own original act of creation)

Satan always has at least one or more fraudulent or false systems, beliefs, etc. for each of God’s truths. Evolution is simply one of them to counter God’s Creation truth.

Another? God’s Truth: When you’re dead, you’re actually dead (until the resurrection.)

Satan: When you “die” you just enter another realm of existence–floating around as a spirit, reincarnated, etc.

God’s Sabbath Truth: The seventh day is the Sabbath.

Satan: We changed it to Sunday (Roman Catholic Church), “any day is holy as long as I keep it holy” ETC.

Are these “conspiracies?” I would simply call them LIES.

Supreme Court Decision on Church Employment Case

Ron: @Holly Pham: Holly, I think how colleges do or don’t respond to drug use is really off topic.You might change your mind about counseling if you ever get any. Good counseling is a lot of hard spiritual work.

It is another serious problem that has crept into our SDA institutions, because of the rampant secularization of our campuses.

I am not against counseling and never said so. It simply does not work when done the way most campuses do it. Check out the drug statistics on campuses today.

Supreme Court Decision on Church Employment Case

Eddie: Holly, I have been a member of such a grievance committee. Many students admit that being “caught” was good for them. It gave them a chance to change their lives before spiraling downward on a self-destructive path. I personally know many students who have benefited from counseling at our SDA campuses. There are many positive things that happen at SDA campuses and they need our support.I suspect you would be a happier person if you looked more at the positive aspects and less at the negative aspects of SDA education SDA church members.

Well, Eddie, I am a very happy person. I never said there weren’t “positive” things that happen at SDA campuses, and I have always supported those. That is a “smokescreen” argument, to use Dr. Stone’ categorization.

The fact that SDA campuses do virtually nothing as far being “proactive” in the drug realm disturbs me quite a bit.

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NCSE Report: Adventist Education in the Midst of a Sea of Science

Why do accrediting bodies have the right to force religious universities to teach what they demand they teach? Is it not a violation of religious freedom to demand that evolution exist as the only exclusive worldview? Why have we given scientists the role of Papel See?

La Sierra is under no demand to teach “evolution as fact” as many other colleges and universities, SDA and non-SDA teach “about evolution” but do not teach it as factual. La Sierra WANTS to teach evolution as fact, and will do anything it can to keep on keeping on teaching it!

La Sierra Univeristy Fires Dr. Lee Greer; Signs anti-Creation Bond

David&#032Read: @Sean Pitman: There is certainly documentation somewhere of what the remainder of the bond funds was spent on. I imagine that the University was required by the bond trustee to document the capital projects the money was used on (because the funds could not be used for salaries or ordinary current operation expenses). So this is probably a public document that can be obtained through the freedom of information act.Also, I imagine that this information has been made available to the Board of Trustees and/or constituents, so if you have any contacts in those bodies, ask for the information.Keep digging, because you or Shane will find this information somewhere.

Dave, I agree with you completely. We need to have this investigated by somebody or some SDA group, preferably the GC. But, I do not think anyone there will step up to do it. So, we do need Shane, Sean, or someone.

La Sierra Univeristy Fires Dr. Lee Greer; Signs anti-Creation Bond

Charles: the

Charles, I agree with you. But, this type of reasoning is very common among liberals. This past Sabbath on LLBN, John Jones and Ivan Blazen tried to convince Carolyn Thompson that sin is “relative” meaning that something may be a sin to one person, but not to another.

She questioned them, and offered examples, and they stuck to this idea.

Dr. Ariel Roth’s Creation Lectures for Teachers

That is why I remain open to scientific investigation of the concept of Intelligent Design. In fact, as many of you know, I have advocated for and agreed to support a Chair in Intelligent Design at any Adventist university. Strangely, not a single person has taken me up on the idea. Why?

Your agnostic friend

Ken, No “Chair of Intellegent Design” needs to be started, since our whole philosophy is of Intellegent Creationism. Nobody has taken you up on it because it is not needed. We need to have our SDA institutions supporting all of our beliefs, not just one “Chair”.

Changing the Wording of Adventist Fundamental Belief #6 on Creation

By faith you believe in creation and by faith you believe in evolution!!What do you want to place your faith in God or Man?

You are completely correct. Who are we to believe? God? Man’s “wisdom?” Liberals and progressives believe in human wisdom over what God has said.

We see that at La Sierra, very prominently, and they are PROUD of it!