Bill, unless you have done a 180, we know where …

Comment on Pastor Doug Hardt: Vaccines, Liberty and the Bible by George Manzuk.

Bill, unless you have done a 180, we know where you stand but you never give it a rest.

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The Arguments of Adventists Opposed to Vaccines
Two comments. I am trying to present a positive side to Covid-19. On you tube, a Doctor indicated that in January of 2020, he became sick with the classic symptoms of Covid. However, at that point he was not aware of the illness. 5 months later, and six times since, his last test being about a month ago, he still has robust antibodies, this then for over a year, for the illness. This is not scientific data but at least one good indication that the body’s defenses do indeed work. How long the vaccine works is still to be analyzed.

Over 20 of our extended family have received both vaccines roughly 3 weeks apart. For all of us it has been a non event now almost a month later. A lightly sore arm and perhaps a bit of a flu reaction occurred but really uncertain as at our ages off days are not uncommon. I wish more would share their experiences good or bad. George