Endowments are not in harmony with our SDA mission or …

Comment on A New Endowment Program for Adventist Education by Edwin Reynolds.

Endowments are not in harmony with our SDA mission or stewardship principles. For every dollar that our schools can use, we have to donate about $100 to benefit the banks that hold the money and loan it out to make money. In this late period of earth’s history, it is no time to be storing 99% of our resources in banks and operating off the tiny interest payments while the banks make big money of off the money that should be in use for our mission. Let’s contribute $10 or more per month, but let it go toward direct support of our educational program, not to support the banks. Instead of having billions in the bank, let’s invest directly in our kids’ education. Would the Lord be pleased to find billions in endowments when He returns instead of being invested in our children’s education. We will have to walk away from our institutions and the endowments will be tied up, as they currently are with many universities that are closing for lack of students. Perhaps we need to set up a committee to study the theology of endowments, but I think if we just think clearly, we will know that it is not the best solution to our problems. We just need to practice good stewardship.

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God, Sky & Land – by Brian Bull and Fritz Guy
We ought to be careful about trashing people and stick to the points under discussion. No matter what our personal opinion of these men may be, we are not in a position to second-guess their motives. We can decry the poor scholarship that may lie behind their presuppositions and conclusions, and we may wonder why the church has been so tolerant for so long about addressing this issue (retaining on the payroll those who cannot and will not support the church’s doctrinal positions) more directly, but let us practice Christian restraint in regard to direct attacks against the men themselves. They may sincerely believe that they are doing the church a service in moving us forward into the modern world, even though we may believe that they are badly mistaken. To impute sinister motives or to engage in character assassination is not rightly representing Christianity. Let’s not be like those on the Spectrum and Adventists Today blogs, always attacking their opponents with unkind and sarcastic remarks. Surely we can do better. Let people see that we are truly Christians.