Another Doctor is presenting the following on Ivermectin, I believe …

Comment on Dr. Peter McCullough’s COVID-19 and Anti-Vaccine Theories by John Fleming.

Another Doctor is presenting the following on Ivermectin, I believe you have studies showing it is not currently effective in reducing COVID infection rates?

Ivermectin works in 6 different ways (mechanisms of action). This is why it is broadly used to treat a variety of conditions in humans and animals. Ivermectin has been used in humans for many decades and is considered one of the safest drugs. The conditions ivermectin used for include: round worm infections, scabies, skin conditions such as rosacea, lupus, etc. Ivermectin trials for corona virus in Bangladesh and China found when combined with zinc and doxycycline has a 100% cure rate for corona viruses. It costs about $2/day to use.
Here are the 6 mechanisms of action (there may be more):
1. ) IVERMECTIN prevents viral entry into host cells. Viruses in general do not have its own machinery to replicate. It makes use of the host cells’ ribosomal complex in order to transcribe and translate its genomic material. And this can only be achieved if the virus gains entry into the host cells.
2) IVERMECTIN prevents viral entry into the nucleus of the cells.
3) IVERMECTIN inhibits genomic transcription and translation.
4) IVERMECTIN prevents cytokine storm.
5) IVERMECTIN prevents CD-147 vascular occlusion and reaching a state of hypercoagulation.
6) IVERMECTIN increases interferon production and enhances its effects. One very important mechanism of immune response against viruses is the production of interferon. Interferon are like the bullets fired directly against the viruses by the immune cells. IVERMECTIN was found to specifically stimulate interferon production and enhancement.

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Dr. Peter McCullough’s COVID-19 and Anti-Vaccine Theories
Rumors persist about the COVID vaccines containing secret or proprietary ingredients graphene oxide and fetal cells. What would be your response that the ingredient lists being published are transparent and factual?

Dr. Peter McCullough’s COVID-19 and Anti-Vaccine Theories
Rumors are rampant, including this video,, that the mRNA may trigger an issue with CRSPR, a process that interferes or destroys DNA processes. What would be your response?

Dr. Peter McCullough’s COVID-19 and Anti-Vaccine Theories
I would be interested in your comments on this article from yesterday that this is “not a pandemic of the unvaccinated,”

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Sean, I’m seeing anecdotal stories of debilitating side effects up to and leading to death after a Pfizer or Moderna vaccination is adminstered. Here is one, “Do you have any idea why people are having such harsh neurological issues after taking the vaccine? I know of 2 people personally that can’t walk, can’t feel much in their hands, can’t work, had to be hospitalized and are still in rehab from this vaccine. And it’s not me whose saying it’s the vaccine, it’s their neurologist.” I understand the lipids within the vaccines can cause an anaphylactic response, what about the neurological complaints that are occurring?

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About 10 months in to available vaccines, many are reporting serious side effects up to and including death as a result of the COVID vaccine. Anecdotally, a friend working for a Northern California native American healthcare system says “I personally know friends that have had bad reactions, another friend nearly died and some I know are currently suffering from the side effects. I also had a co-worker die from receiving the 2nd dose of the vaccine. I am seeing an increase in miscarriages in our clinic after getting the 2nd dose. And now they have issued a black box warning on the cardiomyopathy it causes, which is what my friend nearly died from.” What are the ingredients in the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines that are causing an adverse reaction? Do we have confirmed deaths resulting primarily from a vaccine being administered, if so how many?

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Are mRNA Vaccines for COVID-19 helpful or harmful?
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