Thanks for the Interesting and informative breakdown on the talks. I …

Comment on Dr. Peter McCullough’s COVID-19 and Anti-Vaccine Theories by John B.

Thanks for the Interesting and informative breakdown on the talks.
I am still troubled by the idea that we, as Adventists, can do no more than offer a vaccine as a means to combat this, and wonder if that is the sum total of what our health message has become: combat disease through the use of drugs.

Has God given us nothing other than vaccines for this? I find that hard to believe, though I am not against vaccinations, per se.

I saw an interesting article from the NIH regarding the inactivation of the coronavirus:
The interesting thing about the article is that the Virus can be deactivated and become non-infective at low pH (1-3) at both 25oC (room temp), and 37oC (slightly elevated body temperature). Putting that together with the fact that pure ascorbic acid (Vitamin C) at 0.03 molar concentration (6 grams/liter) has a pH of about 2.52 indicates that it very well may have value to fight Covid if used properly, as it does have the right pH to inactivate the virus.

Two-time Nobel laureate Linus Pauling claimed that Vitamin C could virtually eliminate the common cold (and probably other viruses). The medical community has said he is/was wrong.
Maybe the medical community ran the tests wrong, and maybe the issue isn’t the concentration you have inside of you but rather the frequency you use it (as a mechanical means of washing away the viral load in one’s mouth and throat)?

Regardless, it seems to me that we should find as many alternatives as possible to offer people a different way to fight this virus for those that feel they in good conscience cannot take it, and for those that feel the risk of the vaccine is greater than they want to accept.
It seems to me we should be the head, and not the tail. We should be working with what God has already given us as much as we can, and make that available in conjunction with the vaccines that are also available.