“…and there was rejoicing in heaven, for lo, many would …

Comment on “Don’t go backwards to interpret Genesis as allegorical or symbolic” by Bobbie Vedvick.

“…and there was rejoicing in heaven, for lo, many would be driven forth from the True Church into outer darkness.”

Where is everybody getting this quote? I reread the sermon and cannot find it in there. If it’s from the Spirit of Prophecy, which book and page? I want to read the whole context but am not finding any “key words” in the Indexes.

I can’t begin to tell you what a wonderful Sabbath this is between a most inspiring sermon today on out-reaching through Glow and coming home to this sermon. God is at work…..no doubt about it.

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“Don’t go backwards to interpret Genesis as allegorical or symbolic”
Bob Ryan,

Well your eye-witness stats are more encouraging! The man who originally quoted a 2/3 win (I was wrong on the 3/4 win) says he got it from a lead in the Gleaner and is now trying to find that statement to forward it to me. Who ever reported on the session, obviously either got the stats wrong or it was a typo. Thanks for the positive correction. I presume it was by ballot??

“Don’t go backwards to interpret Genesis as allegorical or symbolic”
Regarding the vote, was it by voice, hand raising, or do we have a “hard copy” of who voted how? Anyone know? 

Ron Stone:

It was actually passed by a 2/3 vote rather than the 3/4 that I mentioned. The man who related that to me was following the session through a lead off the Gleaner. He forwarded the article in Adventist Review to me but it only says it passed with a very good margin and doesn’t mention the 2/3. Some felt, apparently, the Southern University president was “trying to stall” the issues by asking that motion be separated into 2 separate issues. However, I’m not ready to assume that. He also said it was a vote by ballot because they needed to be able to recount if necessary. Below is the correspondence with the link he forwarded to me—you might find it interesting if you haven’t already read it:

“And yesterday morning, the GC administration canceled the nominating committee so they could hold a special business meeting and delegate vote re-affirming the church’s support of a literal six-day-creation. I read that delegates poured into the Georgia Dome for this. After several hours of debate, the re-affirmation passed by more than a two-thirds majority (only two thirds??). Here’s the article if you’d like to read about it:”


“Don’t go backwards to interpret Genesis as allegorical or symbolic”
Will there be some accountability in the future? I have serious doubts.  (Quote)

Ron Stone:

Do you feel Ted Wilson in the end won’t push forward beyond his words; or do you feel there isn’t enough backbone in the rest of the conference to make the needed changes? I’ve had such high hopes.

Spirit of Prophecy does say the last work will be carried out by the lay people and not the leaders. Perhaps because the majority of the leaders are made of jello?? I was surprised the vote regarding the creation issue was 75%. WHO are the other 25% and what are they doing serving in the general conference? Rather alarming.

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Ted Wilson: “We will not flinch. We will not be deterred.”
May seem “out there” but the symptoms you described sound like gout. Even though it most often settles in the toe it can settle in any joint. “Feverish”, “excrutiating pain”. Antibiotics in parts of Europe are against the law without lab proof of their necessity due to the rise of super-bugs. America needs to be in that camp.

If this forum is for Adventists, then why isn’t Spirit of Prophecy used? God gave us this gift for the same reason He has always given the world a prophet, to make a clear path to undeniable truth. Though the truth of “days” in creation and “days” in Daniel is abundantly clear to the seekers of truth, for those who desire to see otherwise, the Spirit of Prophecy puts the question to final rest—-as God intended. The choice is to ignore God’s prophet—-as was done in Bible times— or silence the voice by casting doubt or through mocking (and that’s the kindest approach as in Bible times they murdered them).

Is this forum set up exclusively for the evolution theory? The subject has been explored to the point of bickering now. People for the most part know enough to make a decision. Satan has other dangerous issues that will cause the ruin of people and divide the church; other dangerous. I’d like to see some of those explored as well. In fact numerous issues to confuse “even the elect if possible” are and WILL abound. Why not meet these issues openly as well?

Ted Wilson: “We will not flinch. We will not be deterred.”
Lydian Belknap,
What beautiful stories to read as the sun sets, starting another Sabbath. Sometimes, as with the depressing news today, I need to just step out of all the contention and arguing and join the peaceful company of my God and Creator. As much as I benefit from the intelligent responses to the creation question and 100% support of the Bible AND Spirit of Prophecy, the constant rejection of the plain written word is wearing and takes me away from God. Thankfully He has wisely provided a rest to draw us back to Him—-far, far away from man’s presumptious religion and the complicated twists and turns of science!

Ted Wilson: “We will not flinch. We will not be deterred.”
Our daughter also spent 4 years at LLU (late ’90’s and early 2000’s)and while she wasn’t taught evolution, there were certainly other problems. More than half of her class were non-Adventists and, like the “mixed company” coming out of Egypt, these were always striving against and balking at the “restrictions” they agreed to upon acceptance. There were administrators and maybe even professors (it’s hard to remember those details now) who were non-Adventists as well. At the time I asked HOW we could EVER operate under the guidelines of EGW with this set-up. Not only did these non-SDA’s drink and party ’til the cows came home, but other weaker SDA’s were lured into the action as well. One “memorable” night there was a party in the community where noise and drunkeness was out of hand. The neighbors complained so a few of the students urinated on their lawn in their viewing. Police were called and the media jumped on it. The laws of the school (at that time) demanded expelling or withholding their diplomas (all students were aware of this and consistently thumbed their noses at it). A battle ensued and the solid SDA’s were out-voted by the non-SDA’s and their sympathizers and all those students graduated with nothing but a word of “caution”. The neighbors, also non-SDA’s, only knew these were medical students from LLU. Nice representation. Nice. We sacrifice a LOT by forming contracts with the world. Remember David doing business with the heathen? God was pointed in His disapproval. There were at this time promising and dedicated SDA students with high GPA’s trying to get into LLU but were passed up for students in public colleges. Fox University was ” favorite” to draw from. The question was put to Samson, “Are there not women of God’s people to choose from…..?” The same question could be posed to our institutions. Whether it be evolution, abhorant behavior or bad influence and sewing seeds of doubt, we’re selling the souls of our students and making contracts with the devil.

Ted Wilson: “We will not flinch. We will not be deterred.”
Many thanks to George Hilton and Jim Mcdonald for your comments. George, your in depth response was put very well from a truly educated background, and Jim, after reading your comments I thought about it and you’re absolutely right. Thanks again….my daughter’s remarks have “lingered” in my mind for years.

Ted Wilson: “We will not flinch. We will not be deterred.”
When our daughter attended PUC in the late 1990’s, she told us her science teacher at the time said there was way more “evidence” for evolution than for creation and the only way to believe creation is purely faith in the Bible. Any creationists with a science background want to comment on that? My faith in creation over a literal 6 days is unshakeable but I’d be interested in some scientific responses.