“The Great Controversy Theme” – he actually mentioned this! Praise …

Comment on “Don’t go backwards to interpret Genesis as allegorical or symbolic” by Justin.

“The Great Controversy Theme” – he actually mentioned this!

Praise the Lord and Thank you!
Oh, how long I wanted hear this kind of sermon from the GC president!

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Elder Ted Wilson is Our New General Conference President
Here is a AToday post that reveals the current mood of liberals (aka Adventists in name only): “Educatetruthers will be dancing on LSU’s grave.”

‘Yes, Creation!’ at the General Conference Session

Justin, I don’t know your background but it is probably not very different from mine. I once believed as you believe- htat “evolution” refers only to really substantial change. But if you would sit down with real science papers (in botany, in physiology, in marine biology, in evolution, or whatever the topic) and actually read them, as I was compelled to do as a student, you would learn that scientists speak all the time of evolution in a microevolutionary sense. I know you don’t want to believe this and I know there is probably nothing I can say to convince you of this but that is the way it is.(Quote)


I do know evolutionists refer to small intra-specie “change” as evolution. However, this they do in express purpose of their attempt to postulate from it the validy of macro-evolution, which is non-existent and cannot be proven scientifically. That leap of the faith is what many of us do not buy.

If what naturalistic/theistic evolutionists all mean by “evolution” is just and only this type of small changes within the same speices, there exists no problem. However, even you would not admit that’s the case.

Do you honestly think what these LSU biology teachers have been teaching in their class is just the validity of this type of micro-evolution?

‘Yes, Creation!’ at the General Conference Session
Geanna Dane said: When you write “Evolution holds that “survival of the fittest”–the strong devouring the weak–is both the norm and the ultimate good in the saga of life” are you suggesting there is some other explanation for antibiotic resistance in bacteria? Are you suggesting there is some other explanation for insecticide resistance in scale insects? Remember- your issue should be with abiogenesis and long-term change, not all forms of evolution.

“Antibiotic resistance in bacteria” and “insecticide resistance in scale insects” are merely examples of adaptation (or mutation, or micro-evolution) that never changes bacteria or insect to other species. They still remain as the same type of bacteria or insect. This is not the issue being discussed here.

The issue is the “macro-evolution” that proposes the inter-specie leap – from a simple to complex specie morphing.

What evolutionists – whether be they naturalistic or theistic – do mean by “evolution” is this macro-evolution, and they use the example of “micro-evolution” or adaptation to prove the case for “macro-evolution,” which is, if we think about it, a classic case of bait-and-switch.

Clifford Goldstein: Seventh-day Darwinians, Redux
David Kendall said:

While I might consider Goldstein’s article to a classic bait-and-switch (he evokes the Seventh-day Darwinist bogeyman without actually referring to it, unless he is referring to the Catholic and other non-Adventist Protestants writing in Physics and Cosmology, the book he is reviewing),…(Quote)

I disagree. Goldstein just pointing out that the philosophical or religious underpinning of these Catholic scholars’ arguments are the very same one which carries those Adventists who advocate the theistic evolutionary theory – whether they themselves realize or not.

What they are basically saying, in my view, is: “Honey, I shrunk God!”

LSU responds to Michigan Conference
LSU President: “The Church is big enough for all.”

This sounds very much like the ever-shrinking Republican Party mantra.
You know, folks, this is a code-word:

“Let’s include and accept evolutionists as well as creationists. You are OK, I am OK…..etc.”

Then, why stop there, man!
What about accepting and including pedophiles, rapers, thieves, poligamists, Sunday worshippers….?

What this man proposes is to create a farm with both wolves and sheeps in one common barn. Folks, this man and his half-cooked idea is really dangerous! Please don’t stop until these people are removed.