Having lurked on this site for a long time, I …

Comment on Why those who hate the Bible love blind-faith Christians by Fred Anderson.

Having lurked on this site for a long time, I was and still am alarmed by the teaching of theistic evolution as truth at LSU. However, I am very disappointed by the tenor and lowball rhetoric that this site has gradually descended into. At the top of the website it says “La Sierra University promotes evolution.” But for cyring out loud, what does that have to do with GRI, various church officials, PUC, the subject of faith vs evidence, etc.? I was initially favorably impressed by Sean’s grasp of the issues, but soon realized that he loves to argue, argue, argue. The strident criticisms of Professor Kent, Bravus, Deanna Geanne, Kris Smith and others initially turned me off, but their repeated apologies and acknowledgements of mistakes lead me to believe they are much more humble than Sean will ever be.

And then this abominable thing about deriding the faith of believers?!? Come on, guys, nobody here–I repeat, NOBODY–believes in blind faith or blind empiricism. Sean’s beliefs are clearly based on both faith and empiricism, whether he admits it or not. And so are those of the supposed “badventists”–even some who claim to be YLFs or YECs. You guys need to stop slamming each other. This isn’t the sort of thing that Jesus would ever approve of. Let’s be more respectful of each other’s views. “Come now, let us reason together” (Isaiah 1:18).

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I think we should always treat evolutionists with the utmost courtesy and respect, even though we disagree with them. Jesus always treated his flawed friends with courtesy and respect, in contrast with puritanical zealots around him who eagerly criticized them for their sinfulness. Thank you, Ken, for demonstrating the love of Jesus.

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