I am very proud of PUC employing the caliber of …

Comment on Pacific Union College Encouraging Homosexual Marriage? by Floyd.

I am very proud of PUC employing the caliber of professors like Dr Ness and Dr Fulton, etc. Our schools should not only teach SDA beliefs, but also teach students to think outside of the box and be prepared and aware of what is happening outside of the SDA bubble.
I feel this article is very misleading and that is more “sinful” than Dr Ness’ article. You are making a mountain out of a molehill. Rather than trying to put down someone for writing a scholarly article, simply write your own article and ask Spectrum to publish it. Adventists have a million different ways of viewing things, if you feel your way is the only way, you are mistaken. God is so much bigger than being petty.
I pray that in a few years, Adventists will realize their incorrect way of viewing sexual orientation and gender, just like other embarassing subjects such as slavery, etc in our recent history. Ellen White talks about Present Truth, but we only acknowledge that when it is convenient to the point we are trying to make. In the meantime LGBTQ Adventists have always been a part of the Sabbath morning worship services around the world and we are not going anyway despite efforts to drive us out. We may be an Inconvenient Truth for many of you, but you have survived having us around all these years. You will survive a bit longer.

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Pacific Union College Encouraging Homosexual Marriage?
Sean said: “but the Bible is very clear that this is definitely not the case. Your argument isn’t really with me, but with the Bible. Do you believe what God says, or not? That’s the bottom line…”

no Sean, my arguement isn’t not with the Bible. It is with you and with those who continue to twist the Scriptures and pick and choose what you want to adhere to. Yes, the Bible is clear.. there is NO condemnation of homosexuals or homosexuality in the Bible. Our Prophet never said a word about it. Jesus never referred to it. When I read your words, it becomes very clear to me that you don’t have a good understanding of sexual orientation and what it means to be homosexual, bisexual, or whatever. I don’t hold that against you, but it disqualifies you to speak to sexuality other than your own. The same applies to me. I can’t speak to things that are not my own experience either. But when someone used the Bible to marginalize others, I must speak up for them.

No, you don’t want to “drive out” LGBTQ members on Sabbath morning. But your rhetoric does exactly that. Who would feel comfortable telling you they are non-heterosexual or non gender binary after hearing what you say? You leave no room for someone who is LGBTQ in your surroundings without condemnation. If we are truly all sinners (as you have said), do you have folks coming to you at every opportunity pointing out your sins and why you will not go to heaven because of them? Please stop and listen to what you are saying.

Pacific Union College Encouraging Homosexual Marriage?
“They need to be educated, and should speak only after being properly educated.”
Sean, this applies to you. Unless you are homosexual and know what is being talked about here, you really don’t have a leg to stand on by commenting what homosexuals should be doing. Yes, some heterosexuals “get it”, but you obviously don’t.

One’s sexuality is not a brokeness. if your sexuality is less than perfect, don’t critcize that of others. You do God a disservice by saying that homosexualtiy is a sin when the Bible is quiet on sexual orientation.